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Karrington <3
02/08/12 10:00:10PM @karrington-3:

Welcome to the site!

Ellese Casteel
01/14/12 09:00:53AM @ellese-casteel:

and with the qualifcations u get from passing your corse will help you a great deal! thats the one thing i don't have! this is why i want to get in to my diving so if i do find some were i want to live i can! and i think being a first responder would be a good job to get in to i love helping people! x

Ellese Casteel
01/12/12 07:11:36PM @ellese-casteel:

that sounds wicked! i have lots of places i want to go thailand first than japan then i want to go down to oz then new zealand then i would like to go to california route 66 then new york! up to canada then over to norway then home for a bit then europe will be calling me i think! going to be a lot of work but so is work so i don't really see the difference and i have never really be a home kind of guy just want to keep on the move! lol

Ellese Casteel
01/12/12 08:15:34AM @ellese-casteel:
You only need to go to Essex once! Hahaha I lucky I don't have anything holding me here any more! I can always come back to see the fam! So as soon as I have the dollar I'm out of this little island to sun sea and sand! And meet some new coultur's ! We're do you want to go?

01/12/12 02:03:37AM @elijah:

Stuff in Canada is great, luv. Tonight I took my 13 yr old out to belly dance class, 'twas loads of fun! Tomorrow I have a new massage client, always welcome money! Hope all well with you.

Ellese Casteel
01/11/12 02:36:35PM @ellese-casteel:

what did he do wrong? i live about a 9 min drive from braintree i cant stand the place! trust me i hate essex the sooner i can get out of here the better. i want to see the world i'm saving to go to thailand just can't weight to get out there! after that who knows! lol x

Ellese Casteel
01/11/12 12:10:11PM @ellese-casteel:
I hate telling people this but I'm from Essex near Chelmsford but more braintree way! The only good thing is I'm only about 40 mins from London! It's ok we're im from it's a little village so lots of green stuff to look at! Lol have you ever been to Essex?

Ellese Casteel
01/10/12 06:52:40PM @ellese-casteel:

your a derby lass! i remember going out in nottingham i had a great night from what i remember every one seems more chatty up north i love it!

Ellese Casteel
01/10/12 06:35:31PM @ellese-casteel:

i've got loads of space left! right i've got my left leg sleeved from my knee to my foot i have one on my left calf my hole back done i've got two half sleeves on my arms and one arm is nearly sleeved now! i would say another 8 hours. and i also have one on the back of my left fore arm and a little one on the front and one on my left hand! but there will be two sleeves in the end! so hard to explain lol

Ellese Casteel
01/08/12 08:04:16PM @ellese-casteel:

thats ok it nice to meet some one from the uk on here! not enough of us around here! so u love your tattoos how many u rocking? im going every two weeks at the mo so nice to have a friend as a tattooest! lol i'm making the most of it! lol

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