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Location: Hubbardston, MA
Zipcode: 01452
Country: US

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a deal for any glass workers

Well to make a long story short, all...
@Elijah 9 years ago - Comments: 0

the holocaust

I am going to start off this...
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Naja Sage
08/27/10 08:20:51AM @naja-sage:
Aloha my brother welcome to the best site on the internet--- we know you'll enjoy it. Please feel free to ask any ques ?--- Naja

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/27/10 01:06:37AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brotherglad u found usnamaste

Spider Feet
02/02/12 06:59:46PM @spider-feet:

hello there, thanks for the add. es i have seen the preveiw it looks awesome

01/30/12 04:55:04PM @katie3:

wow ur dreads are awesome!! love them!

Charlie Ross
01/17/12 04:45:53PM @charlie-ross:

thanx for the comments on my pics!!

Ellese Casteel
01/12/12 08:10:06AM @ellese-casteel:
It's funny how many dreddys I know that play music! If you have any of your stuff recorded I would love to here some! Always good to here peoples talents!

Linda Marie Gates
01/11/12 09:03:21PM @linda-marie-gates:

Thank you!! Your dreads a pretty rad too!! :)

01/10/12 06:23:45PM @red-dreemz:
hey thanks for the post canada! hows stuff? x

01/08/12 07:58:03PM @elijah:

Wow, thanks for that great info on hennas, Becka! I miss my "red" hair. You sure look like a natural redhead with your lovely freckles! I am not sure about coloring mine, as I think it will be cool to have grey dreads. I have very few grey hairs right now, though I'm sure by the time my teenage daughters leave home I will have MANY more! hahaha

Vudu Doll
01/08/12 03:31:59PM @vudu-doll:

Thanks for the kind words! Yours look awesome! Peace and blessings.

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