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Ellese Casteel


Location: Seattle, WA
Zipcode: 98177
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/22/10 05:05:09PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisternamaste

09/12/12 10:12:57AM @zerah:
nothing works :/ i cant join any groups haha you will have to invite me :)

Collin Curtis
08/03/12 04:50:13AM @dreaded-man:

hello back fellow uk dready person! x

Molly Browder
07/09/12 12:05:53PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:

Yo thanks for the add hows you?

josette osorio
06/12/12 01:23:08PM @josette-osorio:

I'll have to go to newquay sometime. It sounds nice from what you've said. What else is there to do there? The beach looks beautiful from what i can see over the internet.

josette osorio
06/12/12 01:20:58PM @josette-osorio:

I think i have to try it down there. Sounds good, from what you've said. What else is there to do in newquay? The beach looks beautiful from the internet.

Marc Fisher
06/10/12 03:24:19PM @marc-fisher:

Yeah I'm in Redbridge, so not far at all! I've been letting my hair loc up since October last year, they have knotted up pretty fast.

Are you coming to one love? x

josette osorio
06/10/12 12:25:27PM @josette-osorio:

Well we i was suppose to be going on a road trip around England next month, but the driver can't make it any more lol, so my friend jade and i are just going to Bulgaria for a week instead. Never been before so it should be fun. Only thing is, my friend jade is the one i told you that can't go on boats so they'll be no trips out at sea lol.

Even though you don't have plans as yet, i'm sure you'll enjoy your surfing. It looks like a fun sport :)

Calum Musker
06/10/12 08:57:57AM @calum-musker:

Thanks foraccepting.

Have a wonderful day!!


josette osorio
06/07/12 06:11:51PM @josette-osorio:

Lol. Got my tattoo. It's all scabbed up at the moment but, i'll get a pic up when its better. I love it. I'll be getting the snake around my wrist fixed next. The guys going to fix it and recolour it to make it look better.
You got any plans for the summer?

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