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dreadlocks shampoo
Rachael Davis


Location: Panama City Beach, FL
Zipcode: 32413
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/02/12 12:23:00PM @soaring-eagle:

06/02/12 12:25:15PM @neova:

i suggested one of your photos for photo of the week.

02/29/12 06:08:02AM @neova:

you live in columbus?!?!?! i live 45 mins from columbus. i go to comfest as well(:

Lindsey Trane D
02/07/12 08:15:57AM @lindsey-trane-d:

Yeah, yours are looking awesome :) mine are coming along well, all of them are locked up except for the ends for some reason

Dreaded Friend
01/29/12 05:18:51PM @dreaded-friend:

Thanks for the encouraging comment to go natural, seeing your pics really is inspiring for me, I've had sectioning done with a bit of twist & rip but now will let them do what they will natually do from now on. You didn't seem to loose much length, imagine what they will look like in a year from now, I wish you all the best on your journey too, hope you keep up with posting the pics of the progress.


Lindsey Trane D
01/25/12 12:56:58PM @lindsey-trane-d:

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) ah, I've just been pretty bad, health-wise, haven't really had the energy to do much, even come online, but I'm doing better now, thought I'd get back to visiting here. How are things with you?

Nadya Papusa
01/10/12 12:55:26AM @ashley6:

SO I know this is way late but my hair was the length it is now when I started! And it took 3 years to get this long again!

kevin hird
12/02/11 12:02:45AM @kevin-hird:

THANKS BRAH! nice dreadies you got there too!

10/10/11 03:30:02PM @adrienne:

thanks man i love my footboard and its more concave then a regular board so it throws tricks simpley and its trippy but i dont ride it too much it cant handle going fast and i dont practice alot so nothings dialed but its an amazing peice of wood, ps ur dreads are coming out great for 4 months im not trying hard just bakingsoda wash but there slowley coming and im learning patience

10/08/11 05:48:53PM @capri:


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