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Lindsey Trane D


Location: Sandy, UT
Zipcode: 84094
Country: US

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/09/10 03:05:24AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterglad u joined usnamasteand dreads are never free unless you are huh? good thing i am freei cant think of anything as free..or freeing as dreadsno more being a slave to products

12/24/13 10:40:21PM @irwin801:
Thanks so much hopefully so I'm feeling coils n things in the first 48hrs love your locs btw

Keith Lackey
12/18/13 05:12:37PM @keith-lackey:
Living and loving life.How bout yourself hope all is well.Its nice to be acceppted.

Jobo Alvez
08/21/13 08:36:48AM @vonne:
And thank you, I randomly stumbled across this site today and dig it! Tons of info and great people!

Autumn young
08/14/13 09:24:14AM @autumn-young:

Hey Tara, no problem. I haven't combed since 10 August, and threw my comb away a couple of days later. The bin men are coming by this morning, so it will be gone forever.

I've completely surrendered to the journey, and it feels good and right. It is a spiritual journey for me, not just one of fashion (if it were for fashion, I certainly would not have chosen dreads, but a popular style that ignorant people would not judge or look down on).

At any rate, the locs chose me more than the other way round, and I am at peace with it. In fact, I feel much better than I did after combing out 8 days of progress; that won't happen again, feeling the loss that I felt after I combed out my initial progress.

Thanks for the encouragement :)

08/08/13 06:18:46PM @amber5:

Thank you for the Welcome and the advice....My plan was this...I was going to go to a lady who will charge me $60 to start my locs and $25 for maintenance..and I can bring my products or use hers...I told her I will bring my as soon as I found some that wont cause build-up which I was between and I was going to go to her once a month for 3 months..then do the maintenance on my own...I wanted the parts...and I feel like I cant do that...on my own....and then I was going to rinse my hair daily with homemade tea...(rosemary/lavender/sage) and wash every 3 days/then go under my hair steamer after the washing ....and moisturize daily two times a day...with water and essential hair is very very very dry....and wooly. So I need to moisturize....and use my hair steamer....does this sound a bit too much...??

08/07/13 02:18:53PM @firk:

Dreaded Friend
08/06/13 06:58:14AM @dreaded-friend:
Oops I,m so sorry this looks such a horrible long a comment, didn,t realise I was going on so much!

Dreaded Friend
08/06/13 06:55:00AM @dreaded-friend:
When you r removing or lightening colour on your hair the process of doing the colour is going to dry your hair out a bit, that is what helps hair dread opposed to really healthy strong willed hair, when hair is dry under a microscope the cuticle is all sticking out and jaggered so it more easily interlocks and matts up, whereas hair in super good condition the cuticle is all tight and flat so does not cling and matt. This is why Asian people have a hard time dreading their hair as their hair is so straight and strong, so I would suggest to these people to have a colour something their hair was more pliable. In answer to your dry ends, whenever you wash your dreads you only have to wash midlength and the root area as the ends never get oily or dry skin in them, this would also help your colour last longer and stop striping away condition from the ends of your dreads, you could put a little conditioner on the ends of your dreads only, by not shampooing the ends it will make a very big difference. Shampoo is designed to strip away oil and grime so by repeatedly shampooing the ends which do not accumulate oil or grime the striping action of the shampoo is really going to dry out your dreads. If your worried about using a bit of conditioner on your dreads, just by not shampooing the ends will make a very big difference over the next couple of months. I really hope this helps you understand about the dryness of your dreads, by the look of your progress with your dreads I think just use a table spoon of conditioner mixed with half a cup of water, apply with your finger tips and thumbs and then give a quick rinse out.Hope this helps, would love to see some more pics of your progress sometime.Peace.

Dreaded Friend
08/03/13 07:00:32AM @dreaded-friend:
By taking some of the colour out of the ends of your dreads you have made it much easier for your dreads to dread up better. I've,e often said to people who have really straight strong hair to strip the colour out of their hair, then add a colour so their hair is easier to dread.

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