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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/01/11 12:20:33PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how long is it now how are u washing etc

they should come soon if your hair grows at normal rwate..and red dreads are


Jodie Hyland
06/08/11 04:32:13PM @jodie-hyland:

I just wanted to say Hello (or Hallo or Bonjour)! I am an American living in Germany and you are the first person also living inDeutschland that I have come across on here. Just wondering how people react to your having dreads? I was at an indoor children's playground and was getting all kinds of funny looks from the children at my hair, like they aren't used to seeing anyone with dreads. But I live in a rural area so that may be part of it. Anyway, it was nice to see someone else from DE!

Max Rother
01/03/11 02:58:36PM @logan-maclaren:
* Hongrie.. :D

Max Rother
01/03/11 02:57:58PM @logan-maclaren:
j'habite en Honrie .. mais je suis anglaise...:)

Robbie Dreadyz Feathers
08/18/10 03:45:18PM @emily-meeks:
je suis dready fille? is that right?

Robbie Dreadyz Feathers
08/18/10 03:44:28PM @emily-meeks:
wow thank you!! you speak french?? im taking french, its my favorite language, you should help me out, comment back in french :) your dreads look AWESOME i cant wait for mine to get like yours

Tara Edens
08/10/10 03:33:26PM @rachel-nattydee:
Bene, seems u are in Deutschland, The music is really nice. Are u near Rheinland or NRW. Thanks for the nice welcome......Es ist echt cool....

Dave Waters
08/09/10 11:36:30AM @rasta-farout:
likewise :) it's def. a strong support system.

Lora E
08/08/10 02:33:20PM @james-smith:
You can find it a health food stores in the refrigerated sections(at least here in the U.S.)...or you can find the plant either at a store or I'm sure you can find it growing somewhere.They sell something that contains aloe vera but a bunch of other chemicals for do not want to use that. The ingredients should be only one, pure aloe vera gel.If you find the plant, just cut it open and the gel is ready to use :)

Lora E
08/08/10 02:25:17PM @james-smith:
ahh ok..well if you must do it then do it gently...or if you want another alternative you could use pure aloe vera gel to smooth them for those washes out with plain water so there is absolutely no damage there :D

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