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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Miami, FL
Zipcode: 33180
Country: US


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!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
10/27/11 10:48:29PM @soaring-eagle:

Jeremy Fleckenstein
05/16/11 12:43:07PM @ashlee:
Thanks for the phriendship sista bear! :-)

Marcus Jenkins
04/12/11 02:11:38PM @philisiwe-sangweni:
your daughter is beautiful! just like her maman :) your dreads are amazing! have a wonderful day sister

02/06/11 03:12:01PM @feedroh:
Maan yur dreads are lookin real fine Cynnara mean orite gurl love it!!!!!!!!

01/21/11 09:58:35AM @k-michelle-sanders:
Wow, your dreads have just reinspired me to keep going. I was really considering on giving up but after seeing yours all I can say is wow. How did you do yours?

Adam Williams
01/04/11 09:01:07PM @linda-reid:
Hi Cynnara, your dreads are so pretty! I can't believe their only 7 months new!!! Mine are the same age and yours look so mature!!! What is your secret??!!! I hope mine turn out like that. How long was your hair when you first started?

Sarah Cummins
12/08/10 09:31:17PM @alberto-sanchez:
thank you for such kind are truly a beautiful person :)your dreadies are absolutely fascinating as well.

10/26/10 10:46:04PM @feedroh:
Aw ok ive got ma rnsa on how u dreaded nice u didnt go au natural i gather then ok!!!!!!

10/26/10 10:42:54PM @feedroh:
Mauriora Cynnara um ive a question did u do ur dreads the natural wae or with wax? Msg me bak how long u bena dread sista? Oh im Ati a Mouriuri frm Aotearoa tena koe and nice to meet you g!!!!!!!!

10/26/10 05:57:14PM @rich:
kia ora 8) thanx for the add! made me come back on here for a squizz, its lookin reaL good!! and you and your littley look real your dreadies arohaxx

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