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dreadlocks shampoo
Logan MacLaren


Location: Owosso, MI
Zipcode: 48867
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/25/11 10:55:57PM @soaring-eagle:

06/01/11 12:22:59PM @chad-white:

Hey there, u have awesome style and mad flava, not to mention wicked cool lox, thanks for the add, and have a productive stress free day


randi hutchison
05/29/11 11:58:40PM @randi-hutchison:
hello! thanks for the comment your hair also look amazing they really pretty

03/17/11 12:04:31PM @mzjae:
thanks for being my friend please link to::

01/18/11 02:27:57PM @feedroh:
Nice dreads there Mea is yur name spelt like that?? In maori we kall that in english a thing or sumthing, thats our interprtation tu the word mea? Sumthng jist fort id share that um nice lokz tu gurl churchur

01/05/11 10:44:34AM @johnathan-stephens:
o_O but really ur dreads are looking gorgeous..ur a knock out

01/02/11 12:38:55PM @johnathan-stephens:


fyi..i caught my self turning my head like a dog..trying to geta better look at ur avi pic..


01/02/11 12:25:57PM @miss-delight:

thanks for the friend request.

where you from?

Dylan Wade Causbie
12/19/10 11:18:31AM @benjamin-peterson:
Sziaa : )erre nem is gondoltam volna : Dmi a helyzet ? : )

Joe Dreadhead
11/13/10 01:35:38PM @purkurr:
yeah? what do u play? i dont use pick anymore... very rarely...used to play electric but got sick of all the cables and weight...i have spanish classical guitar now and i love it, its light, sounds great (to me..) and has no annoying cables...:Di still have an electric but dont play that much...

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