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dreadlocks shampoo
mimi mi


Location: tempe ,az
Country: UM

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08/07/10 04:59:25AM @summer:
Thanks for the friendship mama!

Nick Colasurdo
10/01/09 03:48:28PM @nick-colasurdo:
Hey you live in tempe??

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/08/09 10:27:16AM @soaring-eagle:
i hope ya dread again..hugs welcome

will bo dean strader
08/20/14 05:42:51PM @will-bo-dean-strader:

Are you ever going to start making dreadlock update videos again?! I would love to see your 3+ years of progress! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/11/13 10:37:29PM @soaring-eagle:

we misssed youuuuu

so good to see you back

much love

01/12/13 07:31:38PM @earthgoddess:

you are beautiful inside and out! <3 and your locs have to be at the top of my favorites (: you are an inspiration x

Justin Roundy
09/30/12 08:13:59PM @justin-roundy:


I checked out your videos and they are awesome and so are your dreads. The music on your profile is great too

Aaron Denton
08/16/12 06:51:06PM @joylyn:

I just wanted to tell you that watching your videos have really made me more confidant in my decision to do the natural method. Your dreads are so unique and they look like no one else's but your own. I wouldnt be able to have the "perfect" dreads that seem to be more popular just because that is not me. I want my dreadies to reveal there own personalities and come alive, not constrained to do what they dont want to do. All I want is to be free, and my hair agrees. You, also, are a naturally beautiful soul and I send much love your way.

08/16/12 11:50:53AM @mountain420man:

Thank you!! your dreads are just amazing a huge inspiration!! sending love back your way x

07/13/12 10:19:44PM @pattywagon:

hey my sister, lookin at yr page , its just beautiful, as you!!! you are my insparation , yr dreads are so lovely an care free, i love watching all yr updates , i will be 1 year in 2 more weeks , can you believe it!! thanxs to you an all your encoragments on my down times , i have made it trew all the ups an downs!!much love ,lenore,,,,,,

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