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home made tounge drumz
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wooden gauges! home made


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/04/11 04:18:17PM @soaring-eagle:

12/03/14 04:18:11PM @damselfly:

heeeeeeeey! so nice to hear from you. well i also combed out for the third 2nd time about a month ago, as i was going to job interviews and working in the hospital i felt like i needed to wash my dreads after every shift. it was getting so annoying trying to dry them. so i combed out. BUT since then life has changed a lot for me. the husband and i have just moved back to our home town by the sea and we have just found out we are expecting our first baby!!! yeeeeeee. and naturally one of the 1st thoughts to me was this would be a perfect time for me to pick up on my dread journey once more. i always have imaged that i would give birth with a pile of dreads in a bun on my head. i won't have time to grown a big pile of them but i can certainly make a start. so thinking of neglecting this time.

hows yours coming along??

09/11/14 02:39:23PM @joe-daniel:

Hey Mama! Can you let me know how to start a timeline? :)

07/16/14 02:52:06PM @damselfly:
You've started again though and I'm sure it will catch up on the process. I had a weak moment to. My husband came home to me sat at the mirror partway through coming out a baby dread. Thankfully he stopped me. My impulsiveness is my worst enemy, that's why I'm now rocking bangs with my baby dreads (the front ones were annoying :) haha. We just gotta keep going... And hell yeah are dreads sexy. Dreads are already apart of us when we dreaded the 1st time.

07/08/14 10:11:04PM @joe-daniel:

Welcome back! At least it made you realize that you really don't care what others think! My hair is in a weird stage- no longer nice soft curls, definitely not dreads (or at least not apparent dreads). Just frizzy messy unkept looks like bed head all the time. But that's okay! This place is great b/c you feel can feel connected with other people on similar journeys, which doesn't really happen often in every day life (or at least mine). Can't wait to see your dreadlings :)

06/24/14 09:36:13PM @joe-daniel:

Where are you, Mama Kitty? I'd love to see your progress!

06/12/14 05:33:00AM @damselfly:
Hey, just seen your most recent timeline update vid. Its seriously awesome. Im definatley gonna have to get some pics up soon. Its been like 1 month and three weeks dreading tomorrow for me. I must admit today im struggling with wanting to combe out. I know its a feeling that will go away. And to be honest its the media perception of what beauty is thats making me want to do it. This is my own journey to accept my own femininty and beauty. I really hope this time i can push past the super short stage at 2 year mark. So i can then go on to have super long locks. One day at a time though hey!

04/30/14 06:19:52PM @damselfly:
hey mamaKitty yeah im still on the site!! so good to hear from you! hows ohio treating you and your family? you still dreadibg.. im on my second set startwd by TnR 4 days ago... tons of change happening for me with my husbands joband im working shifts as a nursing assistant on cardiac war. its gery busy. um ready to start a fam but he isnt just yet so its been a time for talking. we have decided to wait but its tough for me as i wanted to train as a nurse but its so expensove and i will b 30 by the time i qualify. so for now im just trying to be living in the present & enjoy life in the now. hope your well xx

11/09/12 03:50:28AM @damselfly:

hey mama.

hope the move went well. I've been good thank you, my university life is pretty busy as it is my final year. I hope you and your family have settled in well in OH. Is it nice there?

My dreads are doing well too, im somewhere around the 7-8months now, its gone really quick.

well hope to see you around here again soon.

Have a lovely day.


Amy Tabb
10/25/12 04:02:06AM @amit-even:

hey! i just saw the comment you left me, i havent been on in ages, thank you though! i have to post some recent pictures of him.

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