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dreadlocks shampoo
Nick Colasurdo


Location: Queen Creek, AZ
Zipcode: 85242
Country: US

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Tara D
11/15/10 02:34:40PM @tara-d:
Hows tricks is just another way of saying hows things =]Things are pretty good for me atm thanks, just fightin the winter blues! Howsabout yourself? xx

selah adams
09/21/10 05:17:51PM @selah-adams:
Don't use anything to wash your dreads. the oil builds from your scalp. Well, if you get around a dirty area like the nationals, use rosemary to wash your dreads. selah

Tara D
09/01/10 02:39:25AM @tara-d:
hey dude =] Hows tricks? Tx

06/01/10 08:50:12PM @lindsay2:

Jason Escoffery
03/23/10 02:17:12AM @jason-escoffery:
Blessings king for the add !

03/19/10 01:30:43AM @amethyst:
Thanks for the add bro! Sweet pics. Your tats are very individual and super cool. See ya round ; )

Aurora Borealis
03/07/10 08:40:21PM @aurora-borealis:
it's pretty conservative here in the midwest too.

Aurora Borealis
03/06/10 11:03:07PM @aurora-borealis:
I have a job, though, and my hair's so fucking messy alllllll the time. Where do you live?

03/04/10 01:41:48AM @shawnee:
yeah they are. i only have 2 myself. but they're really small. i'm already planning the next 3 that i want to get lol.

03/03/10 10:38:25PM @shawnee:
thanks for your friendship. good luck dreading. and sweeeeet tats by the way.

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