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By michell loera, 2014-11-02

So I've been naturally/ free form dreading my hair now for 1 year and 9 months..

And I have a ton of loose hairs that need to go into some of the sections/dreads.. (not re growth either)

I tried so many times tying them with little rubber bands to the dread I want it to attach to but the next day most of them come out the rubber band...I think I have a lot of loose hairs because I would tear my sections or hairs apart if it started dreading into the wrong section..

I would let those hair just become their own dread except most the hairs aren'tenoughto make a decent sized section, especially since most my sections/ dreads are super thick..

I know the crochet hook is bad for the hair but I was wondering if it would be that damaging to use it once to get those loose hairs in the dreads.. And if the crochet hook would work??

Or if there's another way..I was wondering if wrapping them would help too?

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Thought this was interesting and awesome of her to go a whole YEAR without looking in the mirror!

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Natural dreads at 4months 2 weeks

By michell loera, 2013-06-10

I havent done an update in a while now. Check out my pics I just uploaded, Im at 4 months and 2 weeks.. All my hair is pretty much dreaded except a small portion on the top right side of my hair but the past 2weeks its been sectioning up and some have knotted up, about time! And my hair has shrank so much.. It sucks cuz I like longer hair but at the same time I am happy that Its gotten this far in only 4 months! I just have a bunch of stringy hairs left at the bottom now. Im guessing my hair will be about shoulder length when Its all done.

I'm also wondering when is a good time to add some wraps to my dreads.. I would assume to wait till they are fully mature or almost but not sure.

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Day 3 natural/ free form dreadlocks

By michell loera, 2013-01-30

Im on day 3 and I feel like my hair is coming along kinda fast :) I have sections already and knots below the nape area. I just ordered some Lockin up liquid dread shampoo and the lock magic gel, so cant wait to see how much that helps out. Today was the first time I washed it since starting and it made the sections stand out even more, which im super stoked about! I also ordered a wool tam, i'll have to get used to wearing something over my hair since normally i never wear beanies/tams. I'll be wearing it mostly for work. I'll try and keep updating my profile every week and post a pic at 1week ..

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