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Day 3 natural/ free form dreadlocks

By: michell loera
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Im on day 3 and I feel like my hair is coming along kinda fast :) I have sections already and knots below the nape area. I just ordered some Lockin up liquid dread shampoo and the lock magic gel, so cant wait to see how much that helps out. Today was the first time I washed it since starting and it made the sections stand out even more, which im super stoked about! I also ordered a wool tam, i'll have to get used to wearing something over my hair since normally i never wear beanies/tams. I'll be wearing it mostly for work. I'll try and keep updating my profile every week and post a pic at 1week ..

jesse demato
01/30/13 05:43:53PM @jesse-demato:
I thought the same thing eagle did

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/30/13 02:56:02AM @soaring-eagle:

hopefully that wil help?/ what 3 days isnt fast enough for ya?

sounds like u dont need any help at all and amnything thatdoes help speed it up u might regret

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