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user image 2014-11-02
By: michell loera
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So I've been naturally/ free form dreading my hair now for 1 year and 9 months..

And I have a ton of loose hairs that need to go into some of the sections/dreads.. (not re growth either)

I tried so many times tying them with little rubber bands to the dread I want it to attach to but the next day most of them come out the rubber band...I think I have a lot of loose hairs because I would tear my sections or hairs apart if it started dreading into the wrong section..

I would let those hair just become their own dread except most the hairs aren'tenoughto make a decent sized section, especially since most my sections/ dreads are super thick..

I know the crochet hook is bad for the hair but I was wondering if it would be that damaging to use it once to get those loose hairs in the dreads.. And if the crochet hook would work??

Or if there's another way..I was wondering if wrapping them would help too?

01/20/15 09:20:50AM @sasn:

no rubber bands.. They'll growing inside the locs what causes weakening of some sections and they'll break.

u can use beads or hemp tread instead of those rubber rubbish bands.

I have strings of loose hair and I'm not bothered anymore. I used to bead those to combo with another dreadlock. Not any more. I adore it. It's a part of my head

michell loera
11/10/14 10:19:27PM @michell-loera-clifford:
their long enough atleast 6 inches long. I use the shampoo also ..the problem isn't that they aren't dreading cuz they are knotting up but I just need most of them to eventually dread into the dreadlock next to it because the strand of hair or section is really small and too tiny to be a section. some of my locs are smaller or bigger than others, which is ok but I just feel like it would look odd to have the tinniest dread next to a fatty one. lol the only time I do mess with them is when it starts to attach with a dread that's section is already too huge (some of mine I feel are a little too big and I worry about mold and them not being able to fully dry) so then I pull it apart but try not to ruin the little section in hopes it will attach to the other dread next to it...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/03/14 12:39:41PM @soaring-eagle:

leave em alone dont use rubber bands at all use the liquid dread shampoo and they will dread up fine on thier own but its absolutely normal to have alot anyway but how long are they its most likely they just arent long eno9iugh to dread yet

but sounds like u keep messing with themn and u shiuld never ever use ruber bvands

stop worrying abiout loose hairs

when u seperate u get kloose hairs

when they get long eniugh they dread

its that simple

if theres alot i use the liquid instead of bars just oncve maybe twivce in 1-2 weeks i get a dozen new dreads crochet hooks

loose hairs grow out of your head loose

they then find thier way in and dread

just stop messing with them

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