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dreadlocks shampoo
Marq Mutant


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7 months in and im starting to b worried i have maybe 7-8 dreads then the rest is regular hair basically i wash with the nag champa bar from i wash 3 times a week when i wash i rub the bar on my head in a circular motion to dry i wrap a towel on my head or let it air dry i wear a tam daily but i also put my hair in a ponytail a lot everyday can anybody help me please im getting discouraged

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4 months in and getting discouraged

By Marq Mutant, 2013-01-13

Although i'm getting loops and am enjoying the journey i'm starting to get discouraged i started with TnR they all came out typical i no but since then some areas have knotted and undone and repeat the process multiple times but the back hasn't made any progress and thats what bothers me i don't no i truly don't want to end my journey but at times i question continuing it anybody else going or gone threw it let me no

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