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4 months in and getting discouraged

user image 2013-01-13
By: Marq Mutant
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Although i'm getting loops and am enjoying the journey i'm starting to get discouraged i started with TnR they all came out typical i no but since then some areas have knotted and undone and repeat the process multiple times but the back hasn't made any progress and thats what bothers me i don't no i truly don't want to end my journey but at times i question continuing it anybody else going or gone threw it let me no

Marq Mutant
01/16/13 10:46:21AM @marq-mutant:

Thanks for all the great advice and I plan on sticking with it no matter what

01/14/13 11:31:51AM @mons:
For some reason the 3-6 month period are very frustrating. You're expecting to see lots of progress but it seems like nothing at all is happening. In reality they are doing exactly as they should. They're getting acquainted with other hairs, making friends, figuring out what other hairs are going to be good to hook up with. Now, in my opinion, is the best time to cover mirrors and learn not to touch your hair. Find a mirror again in a few months and you'll be astonished at what's happened! Good luck! Glad you decided to stick with it!

Marq Mutant
01/14/13 10:04:46AM @marq-mutant:

thank u for your concern and i'm going to stick with it of course honestly i thought about it and its gonna take more then slow progress or comments from others to stop me

Greg Lokey
01/13/13 03:23:36PM @greg-lokey:

Yeah man, like Ixchel said, since you twist n ripped they had to find their own way. I did the same thing and they unraveled and fell out everywhere for a long time but once they undid what I had done, I started seeing progress. Its been 8 months for me now and some are VERY tight, some have shrunk in half and some are still really really loose, just be patient and learn to enjoy it! Good luck man, hope you stick with it!

01/13/13 01:07:23PM @ixchel:

mine took quite a while before they found the spots they actually wanted to be & "stuck". they did a lot of back & forth & splitting & reforming, some areas are still doing it, but don't worry once they do find a spot & knot they like they will build on it! give it more time, it can look like more lost progress since you did a starter method but it's okay & they will get there ;)

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