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please help 7-8 months in and getting discouraged

user image 2013-05-05
By: Marq Mutant
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7 months in and im starting to b worried i have maybe 7-8 dreads then the rest is regular hair basically i wash with the nag champa bar from i wash 3 times a week when i wash i rub the bar on my head in a circular motion to dry i wrap a towel on my head or let it air dry i wear a tam daily but i also put my hair in a ponytail a lot everyday can anybody help me please im getting discouraged

Diego F.
05/12/13 12:41:46PM @diego-f:

you should wait.Some hair dreads slower than others hair.

I have CURLY hair that make spirals, but i have my first ever knot at 6-7 months. Now i'm nearly a year, and the journey is still slow.

you should wai at least more 7 months, it will dread, but you must let your hair take its time

the Barrellady
05/05/13 02:37:48PM @the-barrellady:

Here is a tip maybe you can use while playing your keyboard. To keep the hair out of your eyes, cut the sleeve from a large or extra large man's t-shirt and slip that over your hair. If you go to a thrift store, you can get a few in different colors, I just swipe my husbands, then he gets back tank tops..Ha ha...... I wear them when working with my wood....Peace

Marq Mutant
05/05/13 01:39:52PM @marq-mutant:

thank u baba and barrel lady i appreciate your help and it really helps i wont tie it if i don't have to sometimes i do it just to keep my hair out my eyes when playing my keyboard but again thanks i will apply everything u guys said into my journey

the Barrellady
05/05/13 01:20:59PM @the-barrellady:

We all have discouraging days, I won't lie to you there, that is why you always hear it takes patience, patience and strength that makes your inner soul grow. As Baba Fats said, tying it up slows down the process, it needs to sway with the wind, causing knots as it does so. Do you need to tie it up for work? What do you use if that is so? If you MUST tie it up, try using a shoe lace very loosely tied, the texture of the shoe lace will keep it in place. If you must for work, tie it up only when you get there & take it out as the end of your shift. When not at work you gotta find a way to embrace the journey and let them be free. Also, just pat your hair with the towel, don't wrap them with it. To speed up the drying time, purchase a micro fiber towel like a Shamwow, (found in auto sections of department stores etc) and use this to gently pat the hair after washing, it absorbs so much of the water out. Before getting out of the shower, sit on the side of the tub and let the hair drip, even gently swaying it. If you can go without patting it dry, then just put the shamwow or towel on your back & shoulders to catch the water.

Marg, like I said, the journey does have days that get is down, but we all work through it, even by just posting about it helps. Sometimes go on the Latest Activity section at the left and where it says Namaste', write something just to get it out. Even put SHITTY DAY :( , you would be amazed how that helps.

Perhaps if you have money to buy more, try using the Dreadlock Shampoo liquid instead of the bars for this stage of your journey. Just my opinion. I will use the bars when my dreads are completely locked.

Vent away any time my friend, that is what we are all here for.....hang tough.....Peace

Baba Fats
05/05/13 12:02:15PM @baba-fats:

Wearing your hair in a ponytail that much is definitely slowing down your progress. It restricts movement. And it prevents knots.

Your washing routine is fine. But there's no reason to wear a tam that much. You need to leave your hair hanging freely as much as possible.

Some of us just take longer to lock. It took me about a year to see any progress at all. Ixchel didn't see any progress for about 8 months.

If you already have 7-8 locks, you can tell that your hair is progressing. So no reason to be worried. It'll all come together soon enough.

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