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Kyle Smith


Location: Burlington Kentucky
Country: UM


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Loose Hair Crossing

By Kyle Smith, 2012-11-05

Hey yall im back. Iv been reading up on separating locks and have been doing so. I know my locks are still really young at only three months but should I do it anyways??? I have hairs at the shaft of the lock that come apart after I pull the two dreads apart but the loose hair crossing at the roots is another thing. Should this be an issue or should I just let it be? Like I said my locks are still very young so I just dont know when I should really start working on this..

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Krazy Kinks!!

By Kyle Smith, 2012-10-29

Hey all. i havent posted in a bit but im just wondering if I could get some advice. I know that loops and bumbs are a normal think in the dreading process but in almost every one of my dreads they Kink completly in half. Will this fix itself and in not will it continue to do that through out the length on the lock as it gets longer?? Thanks for reading all.

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By Kyle Smith, 2012-10-02

Hey yall I need some good advice and even more support these days. Let me start by saying this. My scalp is making me NUTS!! When I was a baby I had cradlecap and as I got older it went away but I still had pretty bad dandruff my whole life. I know that when you take the plunge into the dreadlock world dandruff occures. I also understant that since im not brushing my scalp that my dandruff will layer up and get worse.I guess what im fixing to say is that my SEVERE dandruff is pushing my to want to brush out my locks. This is bad yall!! I orderd some rosemary and lavender oils because I hear that will work, but will it really fix a severe case of chunky thick flaky dandruff?!?!?

Ok now that thats off my chest and I know help will comment soon Ill leave it at that. Please yall I dont want to get rid of my locks.

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By Kyle Smith, 2012-09-14

Hey yall,

Im posting this link so that one dreadie can help another. This is a dude is a true musician not only with his guitar but also with his voice. I found Dreadedchild when I was looking at vids on youtube for ways to start my locs, this guy came up and iv followd ever since. He has a great spirit and an addictive way of expressing his talents. This is what he has to say.

'Hey guys Please, watch my video and help me out with my dream, i have this opportunity that im striving to acheive , and i have crazy support already, but still need for to make it a reality. Please share it and vote everyday if possible :) have a listen and share my link around ! Thanks so much :) '

Lets show our support for our fellow dreadhead and help make his dreams come true.

Thank You

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One month down

By Kyle Smith, 2012-09-03

Hey yall! I just wanted to post some things about my one month of dreading!! Ok so here are a few things that have changed with my dreadies. First off they have gotten loose alot altho some are still kinda tight. My roots are getting pretty long from my TnR falling out but not a big deal. All in all they are doing everything you would expect dreadies at a month would do.

Ok now to the scalp.

I have had dandriff and what not my whole life but i guess with normal hair i didnt notice it as much. I had tryed BS/ACV and my ratio was wayyy off haha! So that left me with alot of extra bs that never got washed out of my hair and left me with some narly dandriff! No fret here tho after a few washes I got under control. Now just reg dandriff problems wich i intend to fix as well.

I really glad I took on the dreadhead challenge. Love to all.

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By Kyle Smith, 2012-08-27

So Three weeks ago i started my journey with the dread heads~ Iv got to say that just in those three weeks lots have changed,, Amazing! What a great lifestyle to start living.

The first week i was in the WTF did I do stage. Youknowthe stage where you just want to convince yourself NOT to get out the clippers... I did alot of research and read alot of blogs during that first week. That being said I really learned to just LOVE the mess im in and ENJOY the ups and downs!

Next monday will be my one month so i guess ill catch up with yall then!

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