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One month down

user image 2012-09-03
By: Kyle Smith
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Hey yall! I just wanted to post some things about my one month of dreading!! Ok so here are a few things that have changed with my dreadies. First off they have gotten loose alot altho some are still kinda tight. My roots are getting pretty long from my TnR falling out but not a big deal. All in all they are doing everything you would expect dreadies at a month would do.

Ok now to the scalp.

I have had dandriff and what not my whole life but i guess with normal hair i didnt notice it as much. I had tryed BS/ACV and my ratio was wayyy off haha! So that left me with alot of extra bs that never got washed out of my hair and left me with some narly dandriff! No fret here tho after a few washes I got under control. Now just reg dandriff problems wich i intend to fix as well.

I really glad I took on the dreadhead challenge. Love to all.

Baba Fats
09/04/12 10:16:18PM @baba-fats:

If you keep using the BS/ACV wash, add about 15-20 drops of teatree and rosemary oils each. Both of these will help greatly with dandruff. Peppermint (about 10-12 drops) will sooth your scalp and help with any itching in between washes. 1 wash may not fix it right away, but most people find that within a week it's completely gone

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/03/12 08:15:49PM @soaring-eagle:

whats the ratio now and are u using any oils

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