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user image 2010-04-17
By: Kundalini Rise
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This might come as a shock, or an abnormality to you, but you have always existed, and always will. When you transcend polarity, the dual opposites become one in the same, and the similarity between them becomes an expansive new realm of experience.Follow your heart, it's natural.Define your mind and create a rhythm of history.What goes up must come down. The constant quest for high happiness is the key to suffering. Being neither extremely happy, or extremely sad, but finding acceptance and prosperity through peace, will result in long lasting enjoyment of life.The happiest possible future is created and waiting for you, you just need to accept it. Doubt is literally the struggle to remain where you are, in an ever changing universe.How you feel dictates what you imagine or visualize. What you imagine or visualize dictates the outcome of events in your life and ultimately your future state. By guiding your emotions towards positivity, you can guide your experiences in life to the most variety for your purpose. Decide on your purpose and begin positively guiding your emotions, and then visualizing on where you want to be.I get rushes of energy from the core of my being that produce great emotional, physical, and intellectual stimulation, the energy radiates outward and must be guided towards a productive expression.Keep evolving, keep changing. When you stop altering your understanding of life, your language and your vision, you stop learning.Every day is a chance to be the person you want to be. Every moment is an opportunity to send positivity to yourself and others.The more people I connect with, the more expanse my dreams become. Creativity is a conscious, living energy, does it feel welcome in your life?Pro-Tip: Don't sweat and keep moving.Scientists have actually found a delay between theelectrical impulse of sensation that is found in the chemical and electricalinteractions in the brain, and the actual "I feel it" response of anindividual's awareness. Meaning you are experiencing the brain's idea ofthe perception; not only are you not experiencing the world itself, butyou are experiencing the brain's carefully created image of what it's electrical signals most likely indicate. A very complex way of doing it, why do you think it's like this? Could it bepossible that it's all in your...head? Of course can feelwhat's real...using your brain.Balance your energy, get into a healthy routine, even out your diet, and take charge of how you feel, and your life.Anything is possible, by anyone.Coming together with a purpose, is the goal. The more you involve yourself in sharing of information, expression, and artful emotion, the more you realize who you are and what you have to express. The more you will align yourself with a network and routine that fits the collective goal.Yoga And Meditation Everyday, Aligns the Energy Centers, the Mind and Positively Expresses your Intention to be Healthy.Stop fighting the future and the present will evolve into a state the past cannot hold! Or maybe, accept the future and the past, to become the most real NOW.There is a constant motion of memes and processes on the planet based upon different drives, to accept this wave of oneness, is to be part of a potential shift in paradigms due to the overwhelming view of positivity. Accept and guide the energy towards the highest and most positive potential possibility, allow it to flow, and guide towards healing and awareness.You live out your life, pushing for something positive to happen, with whatever goals you may have, with whatever groups/systems they may be connected with. Focus on the most positive goal, that connects with the most people and is attributed to the highest intentions and most universal change. Be yourself and have fun. I am on a journey, as are you.Separate yourself from desire so that your soul may be free from worldy incarnative cycles, we are eternal, but only when we view ourselves as such.The idea is to transform selfishness into Joy with the art of giving.Every and any time you restrain yourself from expressing or saying out loud, something you feel, believe in, or feel the need to do, you limit yourself from knowing who you really are. In order to best reflect the higher purpose of the creation here we must spread love, light, and awareness by expressive our true creativity and innermost wonders.We are ALL ONE, remove the filters within your body (purify) so that you can properly utilize your emotional, mental, and physical capabilities to add to the creativity of the world.Reality is neither inherently beautiful or disgusting, it simply is. True emotion surpass language and words and strike the soul like prismatic lightning, rumbling for better or worse long afterwords while you reflect on the burned image still fading from your mind's eye.All matter is just energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.Love is the only true emotion. The idea behind it is that love, or the experience of total unconditional acceptance is the most powerful energy in existence, is the common quality in all examples of life, and will cause evolution through self-reflection or realizing yourself through witnessing what you believe to be yourself and then realizing that you are more.
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