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Zombies are real! It's the American sheeple!

Wakey wakey!!!! Why won't the embed...
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The Doors - Riders on the storm

The Doors - Riders on the storm

13 years ago - Comments: 0
Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock 1969)

Santana - Soul Sacrifice...

13 years ago - Comments: 0
Roots Manuva - Witness Dub

Roots Manuva - Witness Dub

13 years ago - Comments: 0
KING TUBBY -  Burn a Challawa

KING TUBBY - Burn a Challawa

13 years ago - Comments: 0
The Mad Conductor (EX- No Cash) -  Marifasa Lupina

The Mad Conductor (EX- No...

13 years ago - Comments: 0
The Mad Conductor (EX- No Cash) -  Members Only

The Mad Conductor (EX- No...

13 years ago - Comments: 0
Astral Projection - Power Gen _ 1995 ..

Astral Projection - Power Gen...

13 years ago - Comments: 0
Nujabes - Flowers

Nujabes - Flowers

13 years ago - Comments: 0
Nujabes Feather

Nujabes Feather

13 years ago - Comments: 0

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12/08/10 04:00:51PM @georgiafreespirit:
i love your background, :)

Jack Roth
07/17/10 07:10:03AM @jack-roth:
Guess what im doing right now?oh yeah!Cup of tea and a spliff :D

Jack Roth
07/13/10 08:45:20AM @jack-roth:
yo dude, it was great lol :P

06/23/10 02:25:10AM @emily:
thanks, they sure are :) yours are looking awesome

04/26/10 12:12:54PM @iain:
Thank you =)I believe it will be as well.

04/21/10 07:08:09PM @iluvblutak:
i'm cycling that in august for charity :)

03/09/10 12:42:16PM @illumiknotty:
yeah the one time i astrally travelled i was lucid dreaming, and then i POPped out and in the astral planes i had no boundaries! i "flew" over to my ex husbands house, i "floated" over him, and i watched him sleep. he has a weird goat's beard that i have never seen before. the next day i saw his best friend, and he confirmed that yes, indeed, jason does have a beard. (which is interesting b/c the whole time we were married he always shaved, never wore a beard or mustache) so i knew it was real. but it seemed like just a lucid dream. ;and im not convinced that there is a difference between lucid dreaming and astrally traveling it all occured at the same time for me

03/08/10 05:21:05PM @illumiknotty:
so for 2 months i turned off most electronics in my humble abode, no phone, no internet, no contact with outside world.. abstinent from alcohol , drugs, cigs, sex, and i went on a water only a result, i have been lucid dreaming, i astrally traveled for the first time, and im beginning to realize that my waking state is all a dream more, and more. i am becoming lucid in my waking state, realizing that i am the dreamer and i can dream what i want.and as a result i started dreading my hair.have you had much experience with astral projecting? id love to hear about em

03/08/10 02:41:12PM @illumiknotty:
lolu like david wilcock.. that guy is out there, but he has good points about the Norway SPiral (his explanation).first of all, how much do you know about calcification / de-calcification of the pineal?1) Potassium Iodide supplements help decalcify2) pineal gland meditations with or without 3rd eye frequencies help decalcify3) an ayahuaska ceremony helps decalcify

03/02/10 02:55:54PM @elise2:
thanks you too... like your page. bless up!

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