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Something sticky!

By Kato, 2013-10-02
So I found something sticky at the end of one of my dreads. I was feeling optimistic so proceeded to wash it, no success, so tried some dish liquid, some tea tree oil, some eucalyptus, still no result. By this time I was really annoyed and probably to everyone's horror cut the end of one of my dreads.What was this sticky demon? Is a relic of wax that's worked it's way out? Was it something gross from one of my small tribe members? I can't be sure. I did dissect the inch or so of dismembered dread and found there to be nothing but knotty hair inside, so despite the sadness of cutting one of my dreads I was happy to find nothing sinister inside.My poor sad dread has since recovered and the end has curled back up to form a nice normal end. Yay!
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my dreads thus far!

By Kato, 2013-04-16
hello all fellow dreds out there, just wanted to say hey and share some thoughts.time has been flying and my dreads have changed so much yet seemingly grown so little in length. i am loving them more everyday and cant believe its been 17 months.apart from the usual awesomeness of not having to visit the hairdressers or think of what to do with my hair each day, my dreads are forever doin their own thing and just being, and i love that!.my lovlies are getin quite tightly knotted yet somehow i think thier gunner shrink just a little more yet, some ends have blunt all on their own and some are still wispy.i still have the same routine for washing bi carb and acv and use lavender and rosemary essential oils. i have however been using a little bit of coconut oil on my scalp once a fortnight to keep my dry scalp action at bay, that seems to be working out, "Horay for no dandruff".so thats my news so far,peace to allxo
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