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dreadlocks shampoo

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/31/14 02:55:03PM @soaring-eagle:

do you feel oily or sticky after washing if so yea do a residue removal then use wich is made for hard water

05/07/13 06:50:23PM @tim5:

Hi. I use dreadlockshampoo from Bucks County Soap, in the USA. I don't know about Australian made dread shampoo, I know there are some, but since finding this one and it works so goo, I am not trying anything else. It is an awesome shampoo, I have no scalp issues at all anymore, a normal scalp. Vicki, she makes the soap, is great to deal with. She makes liquid and bar shampoo, I use both, but mostly bar shampoo at the moment. I tried baking soda wash with essential oils, I didn't work for me, my scalp became itchy and dandruffy. I recommend Vicki's shampoo, that is all you need, it has everything in it for healthy hair and scalp. I have used the Sandalwood and Tonka bean, Nag Champa and Dragons Blood, they are all excellent. if there is anything else i can help with, please ask. I have a nag champa bar in the cupboard, so if $ is an issue, I could send it to you, I would just want to cover my cost is all. Peace and blessings.

the Barrellady
05/07/13 09:56:13AM @the-barrellady:

Hi Kato, you started your dread journey November 2011, so by now it is best that you wash once a week. The 2-3 days is for the beginning months of the journey, and then you slowly go to every 4, then 5, then 6, then once a week. Were you using the right ratio? 1/2 cup BS to 5 cups water...ACV 1-2 capfuls to 5 cups water.........Finishing off your dread wash with cold water, as cold as you can take helps many people with dry scalp. I believe you have dry scalp now because you are washing too often with the BS at this stage. Use the BS wash ACV rinse once a week only and use water only if you want to wet it inbetween. This should solve your problem. There is a member here also from Australia, Tim-his profile pic has him holding a banjo & he is wearing a red shirt (there are a few Tims on here). Ask him what he uses as he has the same type of water as you would, also, he may know where to purchase a good dread shampoo in Australia. Good luck, let us know how it goes when you get your scalp all fixed...But yeah, contact Tim for help, he is a great soul.....Peace

08/06/12 06:13:27PM @sweet:

Thank you so much for the helpful advice - i will look into it.

You should see all the crochet dread slouch hats and wraps on Etsey, its amazing!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/12 07:41:36PM @soaring-eagle:

how old are they they probly will shrink more still but not alot im guessing they are starting to look tight

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/12 07:24:40PM @soaring-eagle:

dreads are looking awesome :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/12 07:56:38PM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/27/11 04:23:45AM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/27/11 04:23:45AM @soaring-eagle:

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