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Alyssa Nicole Taglialavore
09/17/11 08:54:44AM @alyssa-nicole-taglialavore:

I just want you to know that your dreads are my inspiration! I hope mine will look like yours someday. Right now mine are wild and barely look like dreads

Shanda Mickens
08/31/11 11:50:37AM @shanda-mickens:

Thank you kindly :-D... I hope that with the right amount of TLC and patience that my babies can grow to be kickass locs :)... They're only 3 weeks old and I can feel them lock up already at the ends.

Shanda Mickens
08/31/11 07:29:36AM @shanda-mickens:
Your locs are bbbeeaauuuttiiffuuullll! :)

Forrest W.
04/22/11 07:31:28PM @forrest-w:
yeah i tried backcombing and it didn't work out for me either. thanks for getting back to me and no worries, your english is perfect!

04/06/11 09:35:34AM @evolet:
your dreads look fantastic :) how did you start them?

Forrest W.
03/06/11 04:56:31PM @forrest-w:
hey there. i was just going through some of the photo pages, and i was wondering what method you used to form your dreads.

Papaver Somniferum
03/05/11 04:04:18PM @papaver-somniferum:
Thank you lady! You are lovely. :D

Nic Sullivan
02/22/11 10:00:58PM @nic-sullivan:
Yeah of course ! You have amazing dreads and yeah I think i might go natural but I'm prolly gonna use aloe and maybe some rubber bands when they get super crazy.

Gee Chin
02/12/11 08:57:36AM @gee-chin:
Thank you, :) yours looking really good too.x That was a morning dread moment

Nic Sullivan
01/31/11 10:06:21PM @nic-sullivan:
I'd be down to try them natural but i'm kinda afraid to do that haha. You know ? cause they can look crazy in the beginning if you do. Plus i want mine to look similar to yours i like the size and shape and all that stuff

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