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An Idea for Loose Hair

By Josh10, 2013-07-02

Okay, so my dreads are about one and a half months old. Obviously I have lots of loose hair. :/ In some spots I have very large strands of loose hair and I got the idea to dread it. I did it in three spots and they are all very tiny in comparison to the rest of my dreads. My question is - is this is a bad thing to do? I figure over time they will start to congo with a nearby dread, so I don't really fear them getting too heavy from hair buildup and falling off. Would this help or hinder the locking process of those hairs? Would they dread faster by just letting the surrounding dreads pull them in while they're loose - or is this a good idea? I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could provide some insight on this.

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New Dreads!

By Josh10, 2013-06-01

Hey! My name is Josh, I started my dread journey almost 2 weeks ago! I used the twist and rip method, my hair was very curly before dreading. I was just wanting to tell you all that I'm documenting my dread journey on youtube, my account is JoshsDreads. I just wanted to let all of you know, so check me out if you want. I researched dreads for around 2 years before I actually did them to know if it was really something I wanted to commit myself to, so I know a lot of the general information. Some things are becoming more apparent to me even through this short amount of time having them, because you can only learn so much about dreads before actuallyexperiencing them for yourself!If you all have any general advice I'd greatly appreciate any help! Thanks and happy dreading! :D

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