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An Idea for Loose Hair

user image 2013-07-02
By: Josh10
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Okay, so my dreads are about one and a half months old. Obviously I have lots of loose hair. :/ In some spots I have very large strands of loose hair and I got the idea to dread it. I did it in three spots and they are all very tiny in comparison to the rest of my dreads. My question is - is this is a bad thing to do? I figure over time they will start to congo with a nearby dread, so I don't really fear them getting too heavy from hair buildup and falling off. Would this help or hinder the locking process of those hairs? Would they dread faster by just letting the surrounding dreads pull them in while they're loose - or is this a good idea? I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could provide some insight on this.

07/03/13 03:20:12AM @josh10:

Thanks for the insight. I just decided to try it out, I figured it might be a waste of time but I only did it in a few spots so I'm not too worried about it. Ill just keep letting them do their own thing. Thanks again for the helpful replies!

Tara C
07/02/13 11:17:01AM @tara-c:

I don't see the point, personally. It means every time you have some loose hair, you'll be dreading it when it's a waste of time because they'll dread anyway. Loose hair eventually joins an already existing dread, or forms its own dread. Most of mine have formed new dreads rather than join others, so I see no need to dread them when they'll do it themselves, really.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/02/13 11:04:39AM @soaring-eagle:

it would have been better to leave em alone let the loose hairs dread the way they wanted to dread

07/02/13 10:57:02AM @ixchel:

they will probably join up with something either way, or just form new little dreads of their own. if you see the dread they should "belong" to you can throw a bead on to help them join up

the Barrellady
07/02/13 01:09:10AM @the-barrellady:

Hey Josh, so you started with the twist & rip method, that type is just a started method, they will loosen and some will fall completely out as you have learned. Those loose hairs will join onto other dreads beside them, or will form their own if they are together in an area. If you twist them, they will probably fall out again anyways, so just let them be. Just make sure they don't join onto a dread far away, If they do, take them off and they will try again with another one.

1 1/2 months in is only the beginning, many changes will happen...enjoy your journey....peace

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