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inga dinga


Location: Loves Park, IL
Zipcode: 61111
Country: US


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gettin ready for St. Patties day
shrunken me
kissy kissy
blind magtattoo
magic in the junk yard
Happy halloween
:) happy days
at the park


Jacueline Martin
05/15/11 02:44:15AM @jacueline-martin:
thanks for accepting! you are so very gorgeous and so are your dreads! xx

JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
03/11/11 06:59:45PM @jessica-eva-eva-lovelocks:
thanks for the add and the sweet words. you made my day! i've actually been feelin kinda down on the locks lately so that really meant a lot!! :')

02/24/11 01:29:32AM @razorcandi:
Thanks for the add :)

Ras caleb
01/19/11 02:04:11AM @ras-caleb:
Mi was reading yah page yah locs are great natrual is di best way its a jorouney a spitriual one are hair is like INI roots like a tree wit out INI roots we cant grow

Ras caleb
01/19/11 02:01:31AM @ras-caleb:
I love di vans!!! dey urs?

01/09/11 01:19:13PM @becca:
not a problem. locks couldn't be more fitting on you. esp with your pin up flare. super adorable.

andrew lazare
01/03/11 12:01:47PM @andrew-lazare:

and thank you in return...

How long have you been rolling the v-dub bus?

andrew lazare
12/29/10 01:18:22PM @andrew-lazare:

I dont think there's a more appropriate tat for you..

where'd you find the dreadhead sticker?

12/06/10 01:41:16AM @yeshua:
a person besides myself with a Pantera tattoo and a VW bus, AND that lives in the state next the one I'm currently in?!?!we need to hang!

Lacey Koll
11/21/10 05:31:53PM @lacey-koll:
nice =)when i sectioned them i just made the sections really big. i think i only have about 34 dreads all together.

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