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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Brasov
Country: RO


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10/04/11 01:49:58AM @kukulcan:

Hey passing by to say hello. hows the journey going ?

Drew W
07/06/11 09:05:25PM @drew-w:

That's true. However, if you still really want locks and want to be able to change in and out of them, including changing the colour, you could look at getting synthetic dreads. There are some tutorial videos on Youtube that show you how to make them yourself, or you may be able to find somewhere that sells them pre-made. You could then wear your hair up and add the locks as a kind of accessory, or you could have them added in as extensions.

Either way, I think that locks would be a welcome addition to your repertoire of looks :)

Zephyr Elf
03/04/11 10:54:23PM @zephyr-elf:
Eeeeeee! I had no idea you were on this site! How are you doing, lovely? I've missed you on the Facebooks, miss! <3

Ben Goulter
03/04/11 08:19:51PM @ben-goulter:
no probs:) nice photos by the way!! gnarly!!

03/03/11 08:04:30AM @calin:
You are welcome.I saw that U live in Brasov.A beautiful city.Since you didn't reply to the comm I left U below,I am guessing U don't speak romanian.

03/03/11 04:13:13AM @calin:
Salutari.Ma bucur ca ai descoperit site-ul.Sper sa iti fie de ajutorSi daca te hotarasti sa iti faci dreaduri,bafta cu ele.

02/28/11 10:01:45PM @alycat:

02/25/11 10:55:24AM @lunn:

Check this out see if you and your fella fancy this in august in the Uk

inga dinga
02/24/11 07:25:27PM @inga-dinga:
No, thank you. You are amazingly beautiful.

Trina Sandress
02/24/11 05:09:28PM @trina-sandress:

You are so welcome! I really love your style! I hope you find a lot of helpful tips here.

Warm Regards,

Trina :0)

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