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Gene Thompson


Location: San Diego, CA
Zipcode: 92113
Country: US

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Lock magic gel Karma

By Gene Thompson, 2012-08-02

Just came in the mail yesterday, looking forward to trying it. Any suggestions on how to use it? I know soaringeagle mentioned that a little goes a long way and not to use much. But when should I use it, after a washing? when the hair is still damp? I was planning to use it after washing my hair. Let me know you guys, I appreciate it!

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Lock magic gel Karma

By Gene Thompson, 2012-07-29

Just ordered this product, can't wait to try it. Anybody on this site used it before? Let me know your thoughts on this product. Blessingz.

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my 2nd covenant

By Gene Thompson, 2012-07-10

Wassup y'all!? It's been a while since I've posted on here but I've been keeping up with our dreadlock community. So my profile pic is kinda old, actually, really old lol! It was when I had my 1st set of dreads which I cut off :-(. It took me a while to re-grow my hair and due to missing them so much I grew my hair out again. I let it get to about 3'' a lil more than that and went to a loctician to lock my hair, she used the twist and rip method ( I know i know, you guys are probably gonna get on me about that). She used a gel to keep the twists in, she said to wait a month before washing, i lasted a week. I re-locked on july 3rd. Anyways my question is regarding aloe vera. I used wax on my 1st set of dreads and don't want it to have anything to do with this set. How does aloe vera work and could it be used to re-twist and tighten my locks? I also attached a pic i took after washing this morning. Any feedback would help, thanx and jah bless!

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about 3 inches in hair length and growing

By Gene Thompson, 2012-04-01

Just want to get an opinion from y'all about starting to re-lock my hair. Sorry about the picture on my profile guys, its old. My hair's about 3'' now, i wanted to include a pic but I'll probably post it next time. I know I can get a better opinion with a pic you guys can see. In the meantime, I finish my school semester in may and there arent much classes offered this summer because of the budget cuts. So I was planning to take the summer off from school and start job hunting. My hair's at an awkward stage right now pretty fro-ish and I wanna do something to it to look presentable for job interviews. The only thing I can think of is locking it. I dnt wanna cut it or do anything else to it so yeah. Opinions & suggestions will help! Thanx you guys.

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re-growing my hair again(journey to jah)

By Gene Thompson, 2012-02-23

Bless'd love to all my dreadies! Man its been a long time since I've been on here, I see some new features (soaringeagle) youre awesome man! Anyways the last time I was on was a few weeks after I cut my first pair of locks :( I know, I miss them like you wouldn't belieVE. Many circumstances contributed to that, but I've reasoned with myself and jah and realized that it is the whole essence of my being, what I'm meant to be. I'm in the process of growing my hair again, I have a little fro right now lol. I'm desperate to have my locks back so I'm eating healthy, drinking lots of water, I've even started taking b vitamins and biotin supplements! lol, but ultimately I know that time is the master. Any suggestions as to what I can do to keep my hair growing steady and strong while I grow enough length to lock? I appreciate it you guys, one love. Oh yeah, and I'm mixed black and mexican so I have kinda curly wavyish hair. Peace.

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