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my 2nd covenant

user image 2012-07-10
By: Gene Thompson
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Wassup y'all!? It's been a while since I've posted on here but I've been keeping up with our dreadlock community. So my profile pic is kinda old, actually, really old lol! It was when I had my 1st set of dreads which I cut off :-(. It took me a while to re-grow my hair and due to missing them so much I grew my hair out again. I let it get to about 3'' a lil more than that and went to a loctician to lock my hair, she used the twist and rip method ( I know i know, you guys are probably gonna get on me about that). She used a gel to keep the twists in, she said to wait a month before washing, i lasted a week. I re-locked on july 3rd. Anyways my question is regarding aloe vera. I used wax on my 1st set of dreads and don't want it to have anything to do with this set. How does aloe vera work and could it be used to re-twist and tighten my locks? I also attached a pic i took after washing this morning. Any feedback would help, thanx and jah bless!

Gene Thompson
07/30/12 05:47:50PM @gene-thompson:

Sorry I'm responding to this so late but thanx for the advice valerie :) I wear a beenie on pretty much everyday so I ignore my hair most of the day and try not to constantly have my hands in them. It's summertime and it's pretty sunny where I'm from. I wanna just let them out and get some fresh air but they don't look manageable enough yet.

07/14/12 12:41:38AM @valrie:

Hey there! I think that, considering the length being so short, you should just let them go natural from this point onward. They will more than likely unravel (even TnR or backcombing unravels on longer hair) but if you just keep going at them, twisting, gelling, etc, it will be a mega waist of time and not really get you anywhere.

Since you have hair that is described pretty much like mine, it will probably take less time to start knotting up if you just let it be. Since your hair is short you can always wear a tam and ignore it during the day in lieu of going for the aloe to tame the frizzies since the frizzies will be needed to create the knots that will eventually become dreadslocks.

Happy dreading. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/10/12 09:11:34PM @soaring-eagle:

if u had time to sit in a salon u had time to do it yiurself u had 1 prerson work on them right well yoir 1 person it would take the exact same ammount of time to do it yourself but u could do it wile your doing other things 1 at a time over a longer period of time

Gene Thompson
07/10/12 08:52:21PM @gene-thompson:

not sure if it was twist and rip more like backcombing but she did twist. Not sure what gel, but thanx for the advice s.e. I kinda figured aloe would have more of a moisturizing effect. I paid because my schedule's so busy to have time to dedicate it to doing it myself. Plus I don't have any friends that could help me with that here. I mixed with mexican so my hair isn't coarse like african hair, it's thick and curly/wavy.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/10/12 08:45:28PM @soaring-eagle:

u dont wabt to retwist or tighten them aloe conditions it will skow progress u want to use nothing do nothing just leave em alone

the loctician used twist n rip? thats surprisu=ing what gel tho

and why would she say not to wash for a month eww

are u shure it was twist n rip not just twisting?

twisting wont work in caucasian hair and isnt too great for african hair

why would u pay a loctician when twist n rip is soooo easy to do?

and after havung to cut off waxy dreads why wouldnt u just go natural or do it yourself to be sure it was done right


now all you want to do is nothing..wash 1-3 times a week use nothing do nothing byt seperate as needed

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