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dreadlocks shampoo
Gene Thompson


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Lock magic gel Karma

user image 2012-08-02
By: Gene Thompson
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Just came in the mail yesterday, looking forward to trying it. Any suggestions on how to use it? I know soaringeagle mentioned that a little goes a long way and not to use much. But when should I use it, after a washing? when the hair is still damp? I was planning to use it after washing my hair. Let me know you guys, I appreciate it!

Gene Thompson
08/03/12 12:03:44AM @gene-thompson:
Thanx tiffany yeah the spray bottle seems like a quicker way I think I might try that as well.

Gene Thompson
08/02/12 05:46:28PM @gene-thompson:

thanx, I will try after my next washing. She also sent me a sample of some dread soap too, kinda curious about trying it too. Right now I'm currently using a shampoo called california baby tea tree and lavender shampoo. Natural no sls, I think it's for baby's body shampoo and for hair.

Tiffany burney
08/02/12 05:21:55PM @tiffany-burney:

i also mix with water in a spray bottle and use it that way

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/02/12 05:01:57PM @soaring-eagle:

i let em dry mostly 1st

dip 2 fingers in to get a lil blob on them then wipe that at the roots

now grab the roots wrapping your hand around and pull down toward the tip while twisting slightly (not to twist the section tight only like a 1/2 to full twist as you slide down the leb-ngth of the section)

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