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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 02:46:11PM
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saving dreadlockssite and contest update

General Talk

wow 1st donation $49.95!

thank you thank you thank you!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 02:19:08PM
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saving dreadlockssite and contest update

General Talk

as many of you may already know our trafic has dropped to 1/5th of what it was a few months ago

this is due to recent changes in googles ranking algorithms wich has caused every single keyword to drop in rank drasticly

recently we had posted a contest with amazingly generouse prizes offered from dreadlockshampoo the purpose was to get lots of fresh and informative content created to hopefully stimulate an increase in trafic and ranking.

however this only got 1 single post created by7 jazzy..not the dozens a day i had hoped for

so the contest maybe cancled and a new approach considered (expecting a call from vicki soon)

so because the situation has become extremely desperate, and if this trend continues i may not be able to afford to keep the site up (dont worry ill figure something out) we are looking into multiple ways to regain our ranking affordably

i have consulted dozens of seo firms and found the absolute minumum we will need to repair our trafic rank is 500 a month fir 3 months mun

750 or more would be better but 500 is the min

to reach this goal i have multiple ideas

idea 1 since most members endorse and recomend dreadlockshampoo so highly we can adopt them as part of the community by adding a permenant link in the menu (on here it will go under the dread shops where dreadlockssite shops is now which will be removed on new site it will go under community under dread shops) the link will be permenant and will ask vicki if she can commit to 3 months at whatever she can afford to help cover costs (i will put in every cent i can afford myself but this months tight and next 2 months max i could possibly do is 1/2-1/2) (on phone with vicki now she will commit to something just unsure how much she can do i'll know tonight)

idea 2 more donations ideally this is the best situation but unfortunately many are unable to donate if your able you can donate here

idea 3 allow shops (and other busineses) to run an ad in a rotating new spot just below the dreadlockshampoo ad here and on new site and at the very top of the shop site for greater visibility the ads will rotate at 60 or 90- sec intervals (not sure wich yet) so multiple shops can be seen on each page load

(simular to how the dreadlockshampoo ad rotates each product)

i sent out this email last night with info on that


for several years now dreadlockssite has offered free shops, as well as a site to list your off site shops like etsy

several members have had both etsy and dreadlockssite shops and have closed the etsy shop because the dreadlockssite shop was selling better.

well recently dreadlockssite has dropped in trafic and ranking due to the hummingbird google update and we need to raise a minimum of 600 a month for the next several months in order to regain our lost traffic.

one way we can try to raise those funds is to alow shops to advertise on dreadlockssite as well as the shop site

how this will work:

you create a 300px x 250 px medium rectangle ad as well as a 728 x 90 leaderboard ad

email the images and the link of the site they should point to to

choose a payment option below


$20 dollars a month 3 month commitment

$25 a month 2 month commitment

$15 a month 6 month commitment

1 month trial $30 no recurring payments or commitments

the details

a new 300x200 ad placement will be created on the main dreadlockssite (as well as the new beta site) right below the dreadlockshampoo ad

on the shop site a new leaderboard 768x90 ad placement will be created

all ads will rotate randomly at 60 second intervals so all ads will get equal exposure

note: the 1st shop to take advantage of this offer will get 100% exposure, when a 2nd shop signs up it will be split 50/50

we need a minumum of 30 advertisers to reach our goal, but at 30 advertisers you should still receive at least 10,000 ad views per day

as your advertising helps cover the cost to increase site trafic, your ad views will increase as well


im sorry to keep bugging you all about this but the situations getting desperate

we need to act now

i am hoping to get work started quickly

it will take about 3 months to see full results

if you choose to donate even 1 dollar helps

if you wish to commit to a set ammount a month for 3 months i can create a special button that will automaticly accept the ammount each month then stop after 3 months

just reply with the ammount youd like to commit to and i'll set that up

namaste and thanks for the support

i know all of you support and depend on the site

and would do anything in your means to help it

i want to make this easy on everyone

i will accept as much of the burdon on myself as i am able to..but i cant do it all on my own

after i hear from vicki tonight i'll update with how much is needed to fill in the gap keeping in mind this month will be a lil more then the next 2 only cause i dont have much left to spend at all this month

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 10:53:06AM
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First post, 4 week dreads!!!

Introduce Yourself

wow fast progress but yea you will have to seperate very often since it will want to dread fast into big dreads

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 12:10:37PM
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hellloooooo :) (does this even belong here?)

Introduce Yourself

pleasse do upload pics

i did wire wraps too (unique stuff never seen any like mine) and had 4 years worth of work and collecvted stones stolen too

it sux

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 04:31:43AM
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hellloooooo :) (does this even belong here?)

Introduce Yourself

oh my

well its good your ex is an ex then

but yea keep your hands busy

since twistings your thing maybe do wire wraps on crystals?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/16/13 03:43:58AM
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hellloooooo :) (does this even belong here?)

Introduce Yourself

helloooo yep you did good u posted in the right place

so let me guess

the last sets that didnt work out were waxy?

nice to meet ya although i kinda feel like we met before?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/13 10:16:35PM
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Baby dreads... Extensions?

Dread Accessories

lock peppa is a scam its pure crap in fact its a product sold for removing the hair from catsz ears

its just grit that creates the illussion of making the hair more knotty (pouring a handful of dirt or sand (sands 1 of the ingredients in it) o=in your hauir does the same thing

once its washed out the knots you thought u had are gone too

and you should never ever crochet your dreads

they will feel fake cause they arent yoir dreads they are just attached to you

you'll have no bond with them

dreading is a amazing thing the dreads affect you

extentions will never feel right

the crochet thats used to attach them causes extreme harm (and when you use it on tyour dreads delays progress by 6 months)

i said take biotin vitamin b7 i think it is every single day a large dose i think 1500-6000 mg is recomended but someone else can verify

biotin will double even tripple the growth rte (after 3 months it takes 3 months to become effective)

as long as you avoid products from dreadheadhq and tools like hooks they will stay healthy and grow long

mine were much shorter then yours when i started

thats them 5 years ago (longer now)

dreads can extend themselves only the 1st yeart are they short

updated by @soaring-eagle: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/13 09:58:10PM
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Baby dreads... Extensions?

Dread Accessories

most ppl that got them hated them cause they felt fake

additionaly they need to be established (8 month old or so) dreads to anchor them onto

the methods used to attach themk are very harmful

this doesnt apply to extentions you make but be aware that in certain countries theres a black market for extentions people are being knocked out (with possibble brain damage) and shaved the natural dreads they greww for years then sold as extentions

tke biotin every single day (i think 6000 mg?) after 3 months it will grow at double even tripple speed

also dreads will frow longer then your hair fgrew after shrinking 1st

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/13 01:27:36PM
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Neglect - 2 and a half months in - Need advice

Dread Maintenance

are you mixing the ac with baking soda? they need to be used seperately

are you using sea salt are you sure its baking soda not powder

u could try the locking up liquid (teatree) from

u can scrub the scalp carefully

the more u disturb the hair the slower it dreads tho

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/26/13 01:50:00PM
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Is the baking soda/vinegar combo really the best?

Dread Maintenance

what? nooo thats way off 1 cup to 10 cups or 1/2 to 5

1/10th to 1 cup

its a 1 to 10 ratio

if u mix 1 to 2 youd have a thick paste not a rinse

i saw 1 guy on youtube make a paste like that his roots were snow white to an inch from the scalp

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