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01/02/20 09:05:23PM
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Has anyone taken the Nazarite vow?

Alternative Lifestyles and Subcultures

I know this is an old thread but felt it neccessary to address this nazarite vow and what it means and how it fits in as well as the often mistranslated and misunderstood verse of Paul stating is it not a dishonor for a man to wear his hair long but as much as I have studied this there is no one more gifted that I know that can explain this more in detail and in context of the war between civilization and creation than my friend Henry. It is about 45 minutes long but well worth the time, A humble servant of God given the gift of getting to the evasive truth not an aclaimed professor at a University.

01/02/20 08:00:21AM
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Dreadlocks high maintenance vs. low maintenance

Dread Maintenance

Can you get away with minimal crocheting just one time in the beginning with new TNR Dreads enough to make them at least presentable at work  the first time and take some pressure off of you without having to worry that they will be forever damaged? CJ

10/27/19 08:12:17AM
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dreaducation, comprehensive guide to all things dready

Dreading Methods


Caucasian super thick loose curly hair, Don't use shampoo but maybe 1X/month, Residue free (Free and Clear - Walgreens) , then bone dry I apply coconut oil that porous hair readily absorbs so I leave in and have to apply a little more in time.

I do rinse daily with just water as I sweat a lot from work and working out.

It really improved the strength and condition of hair plus helped hair form loose long spirally locks of hair (not dread locks just locks of hair).

My question is after the coconut oil has been absorbed into my hair and gets dry again can I just go neglect from that point and rinse with water and maybe once or twice a month with a diluted solution of my free and clear shampoo in a gallon jug with warm water and pour over entire head and hair, let it sit in while I massage in scalp then rinse with warm water, then rinse again with cold, blot dry real well, let air dry with fan blowing on me and/or cool setting with blow dryer?

I guess what I'm saying is my hair can get real dry and the coconut oil that absorbs in my hair used sparingly naturally forms locks of hair. Otherwise it's really dry and frizzy and doesn't separate into locks of hair. I know I've heard any oils added early on prevents locks from forming but for African hair I've read it is suggested to use an oil like coconut oil that absorbs into the hair because of it's medium chain fatty acids (like olive oil, cotton seed oil) to prevent over dryness and brittle weak hair while dreading.

I'm not African but Caucasian but have very dry thick nappy hair so I'm thinking some coconut oil may be necessary while dreading to prevent breakage.

I've noticed in the shower while super saturating hair with water I try to comb through hair with wide tooth comb and even with the water and coconut hair it is so nappy that it still forms knots and literally have to use fingers  and wide tooth comb to pull knots loose enough to comb through.

So I'm thinking if I didn't comb at all even with some coconut oil absorbed into the hair shaft I can form dreadlocks just by not combing. The only way to no for sure I guess is to try it and find the right amount of coconut oil to use to prevent brittleness but not impede dreading but still would like to hear what you think from your experience. Sorry for the length. Thanks for reading and any input.   CJ

10/26/19 08:21:37AM
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wool rubbing/salt spray

Dreading Methods

Thanks for the feedback,  I decided to untangle the mess. I think the thicker your hair the more of these loops from the roots you get. It took lots of coconut oil rubbed in and gobs of conditioner then untangling the loops in the shower after the conditioner soaked in, then wide tooth comb, more soaking then regular comb, then back to normal, I strained neck/shoulder muscle during the process too.

I agree with you. With wool rubbing once you get the beginnings of locks formed it is counter productive to keep rubbing which can damage and weaken the hair. I did notice after wearing a loose wool beanie using a circular motion with just my hand very loosely over the ends of new locks for just a minute or less helped to re-awaken them without damaging the hair. In fact even in the beginning light pressure and wider circles did better in forming the twists. Heavy pressure just created a bunch of frizzy hair which may be good when you first start rubbing to rough up the hair then quickly change to light pressure and wide circles to actually form those twists of hair.

So I'm regrouping. Actually in it's natural state my hair divides into natural loose curly locks of hair. If I try again it will be twist and rip with sectioning for medium to thin locks.

Watched a lot of TNR tutorials of which some were terrible. Noticed many locticians almost on purpose making the TNR locks very loose so they then could show more skill you'll need to rely on using the crochet hook in the beginning and for maintenance.

The one good video from 9 years ago


Shows the friend doing TNR tight to begin with and using backcomb for seconds minimally while twisting and ripping to tightening up some loose areas then continue TNR. They look pretty good from the beginning but still have some loose hairs coming out but no where as near as other videos where loctician purposely leaves them extra loose so she can crochet the heck out of them.

So far in what I've read is:

Don't twist to much

Twist to the root even though there inevitably be loose hair at the root that will lock more later although not too tight

When ripping use different sections each time you rip after you bring hair together after last rip and give a half to one twist to avoid the braided look although even if you get the braided look some it will dissipate in time.

Now I've also read you want the TNR new locks to be somewhat loose for hair movement but you need to balance that (tightness vs looseness) enough to where the don't go undone while being gentle with them as well so they won't become loose (hands off).

Some say don't wash to often and just the roots but my question is:

Should you gently wash all of dreads too with say a diluted residue free shampoo (I'm using Free and Clear from Walgreens) enough to clean and also rinse easily but not scrubbing new dreads but gently allow the diluted shampoo in the dread and maybe gently squeeze then rinse?

How often should you wash all of dreads vs roots?

I sweat a lot either working or working out so I need to at least rinse my hair every day adjusting shower head add-on if you have one for a narrow more powerful stream of water to rinse effectively without having to squeeze locks except at the end gently to get the water out  then blot dry with very absorbent towel or old cotton t-shirt or two.

I've changed to No-poo method years ago and maybe shampoo and condition once a month with my regular hair along with leave in coconut oil (expeller pressed).

This really improved the condition of my hair over time and the coconut oil is one of the few oils (medium chain fatty acids) that can be absorbed into the hair.

Others through scientific testing (I'll find link to research study) were olive oil, cotton seed oil but I found the coconut oil absorbs the best and easier to find. In fact I have to add more over time, especially my beard.

I'm thinking in preparation for dreadlocks no-poo except maybe once a month and using coconut oil on hair after bone dry and letting it soak in for 24 hours before getting wet in the shower, super saturate and comb through to disperse oils even more through hair and leave in.

This will strengthen and improve the quality the hair, plus getting scalp use to no-poo and allowing natural oils to remain. Combing in the shower helps prevent sebum build up. Along with eating well, staying hydrated, ensuring getting enough biotin. I take a supplement along with multi-vitamin.mineral supplement. The biotin as made a noticable difference in hair thickness and growth

I think sebum build up would not be an isssue with new dreads as I would actually shampoo my hair (diluted) more often than I'm doing now.

I'm writing this all out in detail so feel free anybody to correct or add to anything I wrote as despite reading a lot and watching a lot of videos and asking questions over several years experience wise I am still very new.

I still like the wool rubbing method because of it's minimal approach as a good start for neglect dreads (if done minimally) . No sectioning as the sections form naturally where they are meant to form which makes me think of another idea:

Using initial wool rubbing just enough to define the beginnings of sections to then guide you to where you to start  TNR locks. 

It also makes since to have loose hair at the roots even though frizzy at first for strength plus I think it looks more natural versus tight to the scalp and bald spots between sections. For the life of me I can't understand people's obsession with having tight to the scalp locks.

Lastly speaking philosophically I believe (on my opinion) locks are a spiritual thing to separate from as the in the Nazarite vow or other spiritual traditions as opposed to dreads done for fashion or I call vanity dreadlocks that are perfect, uniform, tight to the scalp, requiring much maintenance leading to destruction like baldness or thinning locks about to fall off.

Vanity leads to destruction. Spirituality leads to growth. Not to judge as a middle ground can be found.

Even too much neglect can be bad like the homeless mentally ill that enter the psych ward with the hair matted completely filled with lice  and dirt that we have to treat and/or shave which requires time consuming procedures and cleanup.

Like the lyrics of the late great reggae singer Jacob Miller, Rasta friend to Bob Marley "I'm a Natty, Not a Dreadlock"

10/23/19 09:57:52AM
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wool rubbing/salt spray

Dreading Methods

@soaring-eagle  I'm Caucasian but have super thick curly wavy hair (nappy) Did wool rubbing with my wool beanie yesterday and noticed very light pressure and large circles created those twists more effectively. 

I did use some heavier pressure in the beginning and the result I believe that came from that was the ends of my 6 inch hair were looping around connecting with roots of other hair due to the compression.

This morning using fingers running through hair front to back I found each loop and gently worked it out. It took a while. My hair is still standing about with some twists and the hair considerably roughed up.

Was that neccessary working those loops of the ends of hairs looping over and connecting with roots? In my thinking they seemed counterproductive in creating locks.

I believe I can get more twists back without those loops if I stick to rubbing with very very light pressure more so really holding the beanie touching the tips making wide circles (I found for me clockwise works better, counter clockwise not nearly as effective) then just stop and go neglect.

Or after getting all loops out go for TNR. Is sectioning necessary?

I want randomness and I don't want all the same size. I was going to do 1-2 TNR dreads a day. 

My goal is the length between where they are standing out like flames :) and when they start to fall and maintain around that length which I assume will change as they mature. Although I'll probably wear a beanie for bried peroids to train them down wards somewhat to make life easier with me and managers even though for religious purposes I am protected for religious reasons (Nazarite Vow in Truth). I'd rather avoid as much as possible that conflict and may even wear a large fitting slouchy beanie (I don't like tams that much).

So length would be short and I may have to cover both for safety purposes as well as I work on Psych Units and patients can grab hair despite being always aware and having a good relationships with patients.

Also wearing loose fitting slouchy beanie may allow me to increase the length some

Can you wearr a loose fitting slouchie beanie without impeding the locking process too much?.

I would go neglect but I work as a Travel Nurse and want to have at least the beginnings of locs done before I return to work (been off contract for surgery).

I was going to find someone in a salon to just do sectioning if that would be better as I couldn't see what I was doing when trying my self. They wouldn't even have to be a loctician 

10/23/19 08:10:25AM
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Nusing job with dreads?

dreads jobs employment issues

Joey mipanyarack: Pretty much the only requirement is that you pull them away from your face if they're too long, but thats required anyway with long hair

Oh forgot ask also how about the beginning phase if you did the neglect method as far as discrimination?

10/23/19 07:51:57AM
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Nusing job with dreads?

dreads jobs employment issues

Joey mipanyarack: I'm a nurse. Some of my old folk actually like em. I got two ladies who were "flower power" in the 60's 70's. They love them.

Hey I'm a Mental Nurse Traveler for 20 years only Mental Health. Looking for Locs about you length. Did you ever get any flack? If so how did you handle it? I know they are protected as far as religion which is my reason (Nazarite Vow truly not made up) I feel driven to do this spiritually along with many other things. Blessings CJ

10/20/19 12:39:37PM
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Also feel free to advise or add any input as I have no loc experience other than the hundreds of hours reading and watching videos and asking questions. I think the locs will actually add control to my hairs already naturally loose curly sprirally locks that can get pretty crazy in the wind.

I've seen a lot of examples of women with straight hair that did twist a rip which looks pretty subtle at first and very close to how my hair naturally falls except more curly. I only comb in the shower to clean but after towel dry I just finger comb.

I was thinking as thick and unruly my hair is I can do the same except no coconut oil and shampoo more often with no combing in the shower, finger comb, let dry and cover right before work.
10/20/19 12:15:08PM
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Greeting and Blessings all. New here First post but have been reading a few years.

I feel compelled to start my dreads for spiritual reasons, A Nazarite vow a separation from civilization and it's evils. The imperfectly perfect live locks rather than dread.

I work in Mental Health which is pretty forgiving but still may be a challenge.  I love my patients and want to be in tune with them instead of the paternalistic approach from most of healthcare. This is a calling I've felt a long time as well as the way of the Creator and the truth not the man-made religion.

Anyways as of now my plan at about 7 inches of super thick curly wavy hair that will start to mat in a day if washed is a mix of neglect, wool rubbing and twist and rip, no sectioning but consciously creating a randomness thin to medium locs. During the crazy stage I'll cover with a summer slouchy beanie, Wash late afternoon to early evening because if I wash in the morning I won't be able to cover them. The slouchy beanie will be very breathable,

If any manager objects I could use the religious reasons upheld in the courts but surprisingly African Americans can't use cultural reasons which I think is not just  or I have a medical condition causing patchy hair loss or the rare hair matting syndrome HMS lol:) so I cover them which controls them. Feel free to give me any other creative funny reasons. How about I lost all my hair and this is a wig but it got wet. I have real bad allergies so have to cover hair or it will fall out and the locking helps me to keep shedding hair. OK just trying some humor but will just state the truth. :)

I know locs have been a part of all civilization from the beginning even the Rasta borrowed from the many India Indians in Jamaica and their African heritage.

I was going to get twist and rip done by salon but in interview some of them it seems they wanted to force me into some backcombing and who knows what else all for the special discounted low price of $85 per hour more than a New Doctor makes. I guess that is why one calls Himself a Doctor lol:)  Definitely want no part of wax no matter how good the argument in proper use of it. 

Right now I use no shampoo but once a month but water daily and coconut oil I leave in my hair and it absorbs like a sponge especially beard. Anything else builds up, Once I start though I know I can't use coconut oil until much later minimally. 

The shampoo I use when I do shampoo is Free and Clear because I'm allergic to dyes but discovered it rates very well from experienced loc specialists and ph balanced. Undecided on salt water spray but live a mile from the beach with the best salt water. No blunted ends for me. I like wispy ends which I heard is practical anyway to let water drain off. May use along with super absorbent towels blow dryer on cool setting but sleep with a fan on me at night so that may be sufficient.

I'm going to keep length right before shoulders for ease of maintenance , I like that length where they have some liveness to them before they fall straight down because of the weight but none of this is written in stone. I admire those long dreads but I am pretty athletic so may have to compromise plus I can get some neck/shoulder strain sometimes so don't want a lot of weight.

I did put an add on craigslist in the volunteer section looking for loc partners where we can help each other out doing TNR. No deluge of emails yet :) 

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