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dreadlocks shampoo


2 years ago
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Greeting and Blessings all. New here First post but have been reading a few years.

I feel compelled to start my dreads for spiritual reasons, A Nazarite vow a separation from civilization and it's evils. The imperfectly perfect live locks rather than dread.

I work in Mental Health which is pretty forgiving but still may be a challenge.  I love my patients and want to be in tune with them instead of the paternalistic approach from most of healthcare. This is a calling I've felt a long time as well as the way of the Creator and the truth not the man-made religion.

Anyways as of now my plan at about 7 inches of super thick curly wavy hair that will start to mat in a day if washed is a mix of neglect, wool rubbing and twist and rip, no sectioning but consciously creating a randomness thin to medium locs. During the crazy stage I'll cover with a summer slouchy beanie, Wash late afternoon to early evening because if I wash in the morning I won't be able to cover them. The slouchy beanie will be very breathable,

If any manager objects I could use the religious reasons upheld in the courts but surprisingly African Americans can't use cultural reasons which I think is not just  or I have a medical condition causing patchy hair loss or the rare hair matting syndrome HMS lol:) so I cover them which controls them. Feel free to give me any other creative funny reasons. How about I lost all my hair and this is a wig but it got wet. I have real bad allergies so have to cover hair or it will fall out and the locking helps me to keep shedding hair. OK just trying some humor but will just state the truth. :)

I know locs have been a part of all civilization from the beginning even the Rasta borrowed from the many India Indians in Jamaica and their African heritage.

I was going to get twist and rip done by salon but in interview some of them it seems they wanted to force me into some backcombing and who knows what else all for the special discounted low price of $85 per hour more than a New Doctor makes. I guess that is why one calls Himself a Doctor lol:)  Definitely want no part of wax no matter how good the argument in proper use of it. 

Right now I use no shampoo but once a month but water daily and coconut oil I leave in my hair and it absorbs like a sponge especially beard. Anything else builds up, Once I start though I know I can't use coconut oil until much later minimally. 

The shampoo I use when I do shampoo is Free and Clear because I'm allergic to dyes but discovered it rates very well from experienced loc specialists and ph balanced. Undecided on salt water spray but live a mile from the beach with the best salt water. No blunted ends for me. I like wispy ends which I heard is practical anyway to let water drain off. May use along with super absorbent towels blow dryer on cool setting but sleep with a fan on me at night so that may be sufficient.

I'm going to keep length right before shoulders for ease of maintenance , I like that length where they have some liveness to them before they fall straight down because of the weight but none of this is written in stone. I admire those long dreads but I am pretty athletic so may have to compromise plus I can get some neck/shoulder strain sometimes so don't want a lot of weight.

I did put an add on craigslist in the volunteer section looking for loc partners where we can help each other out doing TNR. No deluge of emails yet :) 

2 years ago
9 posts
Also feel free to advise or add any input as I have no loc experience other than the hundreds of hours reading and watching videos and asking questions. I think the locs will actually add control to my hairs already naturally loose curly sprirally locks that can get pretty crazy in the wind.

I've seen a lot of examples of women with straight hair that did twist a rip which looks pretty subtle at first and very close to how my hair naturally falls except more curly. I only comb in the shower to clean but after towel dry I just finger comb.

I was thinking as thick and unruly my hair is I can do the same except no coconut oil and shampoo more often with no combing in the shower, finger comb, let dry and cover right before work.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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hi 1st this would have been better in the main forums
but you can let it dread naturally or tnr but would not cover it and would washh early so they dry fully you can wash on weekends
covering will prevent it from dreading right
it maybe needed if your patients arehair pullers though

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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