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Kelly Anne
10/17/10 05:37:59AM @kelly-anne:
Thanks for the warning! Hehe. Yeah I've decided to let my hair go and see what happens. It is pretty short but I'll just cross my fingers. I might start a blog on here I guess and join in the fun! :)

Kelly Anne
10/14/10 06:36:23PM @kelly-anne:
Thanks for your reply. Yeah I think I'm gonna have to wait until my hair grows longer before I try to get them naturally. Does backcombing hurt? Or does any of the other tool methods hurt? I suppose it'd be worth it anyway. I've got a lot of researching to do! Thanks heaps :)

Mia Elizabeth
09/10/10 03:50:13PM @mia-elizabeth:
Hey elPea, Im Mia! Nice to meet you. Peace.

Naja Sage
09/09/10 03:46:03PM @naja-sage:
Greeting and welcome to the best site on the internet-- Aloha Naja

08/20/10 11:57:43AM @robb:
Yea still trying to let it dread, going the natural neglect way, good lesson in patience! The back is starting to come together but can't see whats going on back there so just try to keep them from crossing and locking into the unidread! This is my first year and looking forward to early entry and seeing the city grow and build up around me! Had ticket last year but some last minute issues kept me from going. Safe journeys, hope to see ya on the Playa!

08/19/10 10:28:26PM @robb:
Hi eLPea, just wanted to wish you a awesome burn, ooohhh so close! Eight days and I'll be standing on the Playa!!! If you find yourself in three O'clock Plaza Drop into Bad Idea Theater and say Hi! Have a good trip,Robb

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/22/10 02:02:31AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sister glad u joined usnamaste

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