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Location: Orange, CA
Zipcode: 92867
Country: US


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Photo uploaded on May 4, 2010
Photo uploaded on May 4, 2010


08/19/10 11:01:09PM @elpea:
It's great to hear from a fellow burner on here!! I'll do my best to stop by some time and say hello :) I just packed up all my stuff today. I leave for home in 9 days.I am super jealous you're getting in early! I got early entry last year, which was also my first year actually, and I had no idea what a luxury it was. I can't believe I'll be waiting in the damned line for hours come midnight on Monday...Are you still going for locks? let's see some updated photos!

Dready Mawma
05/25/10 02:02:38PM @dready-mawma:
Very cool. Thanks for the honest answers! That's much of what I've figured... just being open and honest, while not pushing it in peoples faces, something I've had a lot of practice with. I get looked at much the same as you when people find out I'm Wiccan. I'm grateful I live in a VERY open minded community now, where I'm no longer shunned as a 'Devil Worshipper'. The state of fear many people live in due to ignorance is a very sad state of affairs.

Dready Mawma
05/24/10 02:22:23PM @dready-mawma:
No apologies! I appreciate it really. I am a solitary traditional practitioner of Wicca, and have been for the last 5 years of my life. I am very spiritual, and while the child's father is not Wiccan, he shares the same spirituality. Our hope is to bring an understanding of tolerance and the possible individuality of beliefs and spirituality. We just worry that our child might feel alienated from other children whose parents share beliefs concordant with those of the mass populace (i.e. missing out on Christmas). We do celebrate Yule, and other events in the wheel of the year which so happen (though not by chance) to fall on the same days as those of the Christian calenders. Did you ever have problems with that? How do you appease the two so different celebrations in the minds of your children? How do you make them feel not so alienated in such a Christian society?Sorry, but I am really interested... I don't know anybody who shares my beliefs around me, especially not with children and established families....

Dready Mawma
05/16/10 02:37:15PM @dready-mawma:
Thanks! I had a great Beltaine, and both me and my belly are doing just fine :)Do you celebrate with children? I'm wondering how easy it is to raise children in such an alternate spirituality.....

05/11/10 06:49:07AM @faelwynn:
In response to your picture comment, yes, I did make them from size 7 (I think ) seed beads, and yes, they just slip on and off. The problem with them in my hair was that they were just too heavy. They pulled a fair bit on my dreads (which, in turn, pulled on my scalp) and were a bit too loose to stay in long term. Since then I've started using a smaller bead, and make sleeves similar to the ones that KnottySleeves makes.

04/30/10 10:17:21AM @ourdub:
ty for your friendship :)much love to you robb.bless

Dready Mawma
04/29/10 12:21:35PM @dready-mawma:
Haha, I don't know why I thought you were in Ohio! Check out SCROLL, the Southern California Rainbows of Living Light, you may find more information there. LOTS of rainbow family in Cali, I'm sure if you put out some feelers, you'll find some information. Most of the information is passed word of mouth, so this is really the best way to go about it.Life's pretty good. It's a bit windy and cold here actually. We had a big hailstorm yesterday! Living in a valley is definitely a little odd, I got a sunburn two days ago! Hopefully this is the last cold spell we get! Bring on the ZUN!!!

Dready Mawma
04/28/10 04:45:52PM @dready-mawma:
Oh, and the regionals for your area are in Shawnee.... never been, but supposedly pretty damn cool.

Dready Mawma
04/28/10 04:41:51PM @dready-mawma:
Check out welcomehere.orgAlso, Nationals haven't been announced yet, but hey will be in your area.

Dready Mawma
04/27/10 02:56:42PM @dready-mawma:
Yeah, I mean the rainbow gatherings. It's a pretty interesting community. Of course, there's good and bad people wherever you go, but the Rainbow family is a pretty amazing group. The ideals they they try to live by are very deeply spiritual (don't get me wrong, it's not religious in anyway... there's a difference between the two) and moral. It's hard to convey the feeling without you having experienced it. Light and brotherhood, peace to each other and out great Mother. It's definitely pretty 'cool'.You should check out a small regional gathering, then go to the massive nationals that are held once a year. We find out at spring council where they are to be held, but they are always in national forests, and the best part is that it's free (in more ways than just monetarily)!

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