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How I removed wax from my dreads:

13 years ago
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I want to start off by saying my waxed dread where only a month old! so you may have to modify depending on your particular needs!Supplies I used:Baking sodateatree oilOrange oilDissolve-it3-4 hoursIn a 2 liter bottle of water I mixed in baking soda, two caps of dissolve-it, and 20-30 drops of orange oil, and the rest of the bottle is warm-hot water. Shake it up to mix everything all together.1)soak your hair in warm-hot water to help loosen up the grip on the wax. Drain your hair.2)pour the mixture onto your head and let it soak in and work the mixture into the dreads.3)I pulled apart and opened up all of my dreads during this stage to allow for more mixture to get to the wax.4)rinse your hair again with warm-hot water.5) repeat sets 2-4 several times.*as an optional step(s)*6)Soak your hair in the mixture for a few mins and work on pulling and scraping the wax out.7)Wash and rinse your hair with a non residue shampoo**Note**Do not leave the mixture on your scalp for long periods of time as it can and in my case will irritate your scalp.This process will also dry your hair out a lot so be aware of that!Now my hair is 98% free of wax!I say 98% because most of it is gone, but there are still some spots that I cannot get the wax out of my hair. They are small little sections of hair.**Big Thanks to soaring eagle for helping me save my hair from the wax!!**Also! I included a Before, middle, and After photo!Best of luck!Aaron

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13 years ago
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Yay!!!Before I locked my hair I actually used dread wax on my straight hair as a way of "dirtying" it up. Squeaky clean hair fine straight hair just doesn't style... I would only use a tiny bit near the roots and the shit would stay in for days after washing. That totally turned me off of using it when I did dread my hair, why would I want dirty stuff to stay in my locked up hair?I'm glad you found a way to de-gunk yours :)Any photos?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
13 years ago
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theres photos attached :)

but good job dsoes look like u got most out

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Andrea Schneider
13 years ago
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you got beautiful blue eyes!

13 years ago
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O_O! That sounds horrible! Good thing you got that wax out of your hair! I'm glad you manage away to get it out without cutting your dreads! :)

Desirae Rose said:

That's really cool.

I found out the hard way that I'm allergic to wax (the black beeswax from Murray's especially), so what I did to get it out of my hair was to do multiple soaking sessions with dishwashing liquid. This was before I ever joined this site and at the time I didn't know of any other way to remove it, lol. I used Dawn, Ajax, Palmolive, any strong diswashing liquid I could find. Would soak my locs in very warm to hot water to soften and loosen them, then add the dishwashing liquid and scrub scrub scrub like a maniac (the wax made me break out in a terrible rash anywhere it touched my skin, so I was super determined to get it out as soon as possible). Then rinse with the really warm almost hot water, apply more dishwashing liquid and just let it sit there before rinsing it off later. I did this multiple times over many days.

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