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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Newport, OR
Zipcode: 97365
Country: US


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Halloween fun with my dreads :)


Spencer Livingston
05/10/11 06:44:08PM @native-girl77:

Slainte celestine , the tune, wot a treat :) , also liking the dub step :D

Peace WithiN,


02/01/11 07:22:28PM @matthias-kovacs:
Thank you for accepting it :) I'm really thinking about locking up my whole head instead of just going partial... tis tempting :P *Sorry for the late reply*
01/25/11 08:55:29AM @joann-price:
Here it is! :)
01/18/11 04:11:15PM @joann-price:

i think you should dread your hair in whichever way feels like it'd be the best for you! for me, it was natural, and i'm having a lot of fun with it so far :)

i actually made a one month video... i should probably finish editing it and post it up :P
01/14/11 09:59:16PM @joann-price:

yay, another one! when're ya going to do your whole head? :P

mine are about a month along :) natural, and doing very well! I've been learning how to make beads and sleeves for them to help keep them separate.

and thank you! :)
01/05/11 09:02:12PM @joann-price:
I definitely understand being busy with school. that'll be me in a couple weeks :P happy new year! hope your holidays have been well <3 how's your little dreadie coming along? :D

benjamin peterson
01/04/11 07:00:11PM @karma-dreads:
yeah floyd is the shit they were my friends favortie band before she passed so not only are they a great band theres alot more to it for me. yo i really like all the art and pics on ere shit is really cool!

01/04/11 05:26:18PM @feedroh:
How you been beautiful aint herd frm yu in ages sorry i didnt say merry xmas and happy new years erlier but been bizi havin a good tym hope u did tu hava gud wun gorgeous dnt be a stranger a sae hulo wen u kan baby lol u take care ur maori friend in Aotearoa take care baby!!!!!!!!!!!
01/01/11 10:00:47PM @joann-price:
hey! how've you been?

benjamin peterson
12/30/10 02:32:07AM @karma-dreads:
thanx! you 2 what songs were you diggin?

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