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Comb it out..Or not???

Harmony Moon
10 years ago
14 posts

I need a little advice.

This massive loop popped up after I washed yesterday.

It's seriously huge. My dread doubled on sticks out like a growth. I have millions of loops, my hair is curly, it's to be expected. But this dready is nice and tight up top. And them wham!! It bubbles waaaay out there.

Should I comb the bottom half out? What will it do if I don't? I've already had to mess with this one particular loc once before because I got a bead completely dreaded in there..


updated by @harmony-moon: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
10 years ago
43 posts

Rip it apart if you can or let it be :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,629 posts

let it be

it'll probly do something interesting as it locks

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Harmony Moon
10 years ago
14 posts

I tried to rip it apart. It's a pretty thick section. Way bigger than it looks in the photo.

10 years ago
173 posts

Theres nothing wrong with it, let it be :) I have lots of shenanigans like that going on my noggin', and its the crazies that become my favorite the majority of the time :) If you really want you can put a bead right above the loop to help it form more tube like dreads. HAve fun and enjoy your journey! :)

christina popejoy
10 years ago
91 posts

i have a couple like this and I have curly hair too. Im going with everyone else on leaving it and seeing what happens. I'm sure it'll straighten out eventually or leave and awesome bump or loop as nod to my original curlyness. :)

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