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Kaleb Hyden
5 years ago
8 posts
I just ordered some shampoo from deadlockshampoo and I am going to go for natural dreads and I was wondering when I start washing if I just wash my scalp and let the shampoo run down my hair or can I ball my hair on top of my head and scrub it all if that makes any sense. Lol.-Thanks
updated by @kaleb-hyden: 01/13/15 09:57:49PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,335 posts

just the scalp

if u ball it up and rub you will rub away knots

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Baba Fats
5 years ago
2,730 posts

The first time you rub your hair like that, you'll create a few tangles. But the next time you do it, you undo all of those tangles and knots. It's not worth it.

When you scrub just your scalp, the soap rinses through your hair as you rinse it out. That's all you need for the most part. You only ever need to scrub your locks if you get the super dirty or have product in them. The only product you don't have scrub out is the gel from It is completely water soluble and breaks down within a few days. In water it completely washes away

Kaleb Hyden
5 years ago
8 posts
Thanks very much.
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