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TnR timeline 1 year 2 months

Heaven  Caten
4 years ago
13 posts

before dreads. (i love my hair knotty and straight)

day 1 (they look so silly now that I look back hehe)

one month ( i remember being so excited, but they just look like loose hair to me me now haha)

around four months is when they really started to take some shape in the back ^.^

six month mark was exciting, my dreads were starting to loop and kink :)

I went blonder at seven months.

nine months was a loopy time

I went silver at a year

and then here is now! back to blonde in preparation for pink :)

love my dreads :D hope you enjoyed my timeline!

updated by @heaven-caten: 11/30/17 04:13:02AM
Tara C
4 years ago
645 posts

Your dreads are really beautiful :)

Wind Horsley
4 years ago
66 posts
So pretty!
Heaven  Caten
4 years ago
13 posts

thank you guys!! <3

christina bird
4 years ago
54 posts

so beautiful ! :)

4 years ago
4 posts
thanks for documentation :-) very beautiful
Kelsey Cliche!
4 years ago
122 posts
Looks great!
the Barrellady
4 years ago
1,302 posts

really pretty on you

Ojas Acharya
4 years ago
173 posts

lovely loops, wonderful dreads and beautiful smile. cheers :)

4 years ago
15 posts

So beautiful! I really think the dreads bring out a different element in a person,like "true character",if you will! I adore them :]

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