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Kelsey Cliche!


Location: Des Moines, IA
Zipcode: 50310
Country: US


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Almost 11 months.
Almost 11 months.
10.5 months, extra squiggly
10 months
10 months
Photo uploaded on November 29, 2012
6 months
Little Monster
3 months
3 months
11 weeks
10 weeks


the Barrellady
05/05/13 02:42:59AM @the-barrellady:

Hi Kelsey, I sleep on my right side and the left I have longer strands, one is still really long. To get the left side balancing out, I slept on the couch for a few weeks so I couldn't roll over, it really did help. My hair started long like yours and is up to my shoulders. ...Peace

Charlie Jensen
02/21/12 01:54:07AM @charlie-jensen:

Thanks for the friend request[:

Faye Ktajjar
01/17/12 12:11:25AM @nobody-lives-here-anymore:

eehehe! yay for us! :3

01/16/12 12:28:20PM @aika:

just onee. its a feather. im trying to figure out another one i could get.

01/16/12 04:24:21AM @purkurr:

Thanks for the request! :)

01/15/12 10:02:01PM @aika:

love your avocado tat!

Faye Ktajjar
01/11/12 07:48:40PM @nobody-lives-here-anymore:

eeehehe we could be like dread kin :O i finished my backcombing at exactly 11:15PM on new years eve XD so it could almost be classed as jan 1st. I just HAD to bring the new year in with my little babies, and I made it by 45 minutes hahah

Shannon Friedel
01/05/12 09:10:59AM @shannon-friedel:

Thanks for the add!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/02/12 10:57:39AM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/26/10 06:35:21PM @soaring-eagle:
ofcourse u can and should do it yourself the last thing u will ever want is a salon a salondss a guaranteed disasteru have todo it yourself to do it right

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