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Positive Reactions?

6 years ago
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Hey, guys. Does anyone have some nice stories about positive reactions from friends or strangers towards your dreads? I've been reading a lot of posts about how people respond negatively to dreads. I have been lucky enough to start this process at a time when I am not working, and we're traveling with my husband's job, so I don't really have any social group to say "yay" or "nay" to the dreads right now while they're forming. I read others' stories about strangers or friends saying really mean things about their dreads or negative stereotypes, and I'm kind of bummed out and worried about confrontation when I do find myself around coworkers and social group again. I was wondering if people could share some stories about how people and strangers respond positively to your dreads in their early or late stages. Are people more kind after the dreads are looking more mature?

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6 years ago
80 posts

P.S. Happy holidays!

Baba Fats
6 years ago
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There are going to be a lot of people who respond negatively to locks. And many people aren't prepared for such reactions. That's why there are tons of stories about it.

I live in the city, so there are a lot of people with locks around me. Granted most of them are black. The only people who give me positive reactions are friends and strangers.

I was at a gas station a little while ago and this older black woman with long locks came up to me and asked me about them. She seemed to think it was strange to see white people with locks. She wasn't against it, though. She complimented mine, and asked me why white people wear them. I got into a 10 minute long conversation with her about how everyone has locks for different reasons. I told her mine, and she seemed happy, and walked away satisfied.

Another day, I was waiting for my wife to pick me up at a Dunkin Donuts and a guy from Jamaica asked me what I know about locks. I told him about the damages that wax and tools cause. He was really happy that I knew about how locks form on their own. I didn't talk to him for long because his bus came. But he was glad that I was informed

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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ive had almost entirely positive reactions except from a very small group..mostly just my mom lol

one day after years and years of "im embarrassed to be seen in public with you" and everytime i glance her way she made scissor motions with her fingers (literaly everytime) and every conversation involving "when are you going to cut that' you used to look so nice and how are you going to get a girlfreind looking like that .. after 15 years of this annoyance 1 day we were out xmass shopping at the mall a group of grey haired old ladies surround me saying "ive never seen anything so beautiful" can i touch yoir hair etc etc..

and that was the 1st time my mom ever saw it as something to not be embarrassed or ashamed aboiut .. she never once mentioned cutting again in fact the next xmass bought me a tam

another funny story we were at the beaxh last summer our friend rachel was with us while shes walking next to me she kept commenting alot of people keep comming up to you to rave about your hair .. but then awhile later shes hanging back with my sis 20 feet behind.. lil later she comes up and says ..i know i said alot of ppl come up to you to rave about yoir hair but did you know that absolutely everyone that passes you says wow did you see that guys dreads they were amaazing ..or wow did u see how long that guys hair was etc..

so i guess even though many are pretty vocal about how possitive they reacte. many more wait till they think they cant be heard to tell their friends how much they love em

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6 years ago
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A couple weeks ago as I was heading up to my moms, I ran into Starbucks. The girl making coffee oooohed and aaaahed over my my hair. Asked me how I washed, if used acv, oils etc. she'd had natural dreads but had recently cut them off. A drunk dude came into my work the other morning, walked right up to me and said first thing 'omg I love your locks. Where are the s'mores? Would you by a blanket or some towels for people you don't know?' A crackhead visiting my next door neighbor oohed and aahed over them last week as well.It does happen, sometimes it can take a while tho. And it may only be crackheads and drunks, but I'll take it!
k money
6 years ago
114 posts

ive never had strangers make negative comments, only positive which makes my day. But my dad frickin hates them. He thinks ill never be able to find a job after college. My arguments are useless against him, he thinks that everyone that has dreads is smokes crack and never washes. Mine are still messy though, so i hope he accepts them more when they are mature and look a little better

6 years ago
19 posts

For me the people that really matter in my life like my friends and family are all pretty accepting. When I first started my Granny said she didn't like them but, that was it... I have had only one other not nice reaction, but I also don't work.

I just had someone tonight ask me how I did started mine cause she always wanted them herself and I directed her to this site :)

6 years ago
175 posts

well good discussion many i think could benefit from this one! so i havent gotten hardly no feedback that was good i am currently 4 months along in my journey. so not fully locked or mature yet. most comments were thankfully said between people an lots weird stares. but bad comments from parents of course, even though im grown. they gotta throw their two cents in lol good or bad! i have had a few questions from family though mostly curiosity and such. my guess would be more positive comments come from very nice spirited open minded people in general. or ones in which have knowledge of dreds or have them themselves. generally people with commonalty's alike stick together and are understanding of the whole process and this wonderful journey. it is much like a much derserved gift from our selfs lol:) i can post more of my experiences as i have them for sure. peace be with all of you!! and good luck and zen on ur journeys, may you find many soul answers and spiritual awakening. seek and ye shall find.have everlasting patientce and faith. JAZZYMOMMA

Natty Dave
6 years ago
56 posts

Mostly I have just noticed a lot people stair, but I have larger stretched ears, tattoo's and piercings so i've been used to that for years, but something so unexpected happened tonight, some guy that i have never met before was walking by and looked at me and said "your awesome! I mean, i really dig your style man" I'm not really used to hearing positive things and people being nice so I had no idea what to say at first, but it was great to hear something nice. We've really ran into more people interested in how we "make" dreads, which is sort of fun to get to explain to people all about dreads and the truth about so many misconeceptions, like that dreads are gross and dirty and can't be washed, lots of people seem shocked to hear that I use baking soda and acv to wash my head. through out life we will always have to encounter and overcome ignorance and intolerance, dread or not, but i guess that's the way life goes

6 years ago
359 posts

The best thing I have ever heard was when I was travelling through India, and a little boy said in a statement/question, "they are a gift from God?". I nodded and said, "Yes". Thats when I had ten year old massive congoed dreads. Over the years with tattoos and piercings I've had lots of compliments. I truly dont remember any negative at this moment. My friends ask me if I notice that lots of people stare at me, and honestly I dont. I have no clue, just happy go lucky.

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