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I am officially back!

12 years ago
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WHOOO HOOOOO! I am officially a dreadhead again! My hopefully forever set was born on Saturday August 4 2012. I am the proud mother of 57 new baby dreadies! My old set was 27 dreads that were not sectioned well (lost of bald spots) and too thick and just uncomfortable this new set is much smaller and nicely sectioned thanks to my wonderful best friend Natalya and while my hair is shorter than I would have liked. I know it will grow and they will mature nicely!

I will add some photos this week of the process and the finished ones and how they look after a few days. They were done using a little backcombing to start the section then twist and rip the length of it and just a tiny bit of maintenance is done when bored by twist and rip or a small crochet (ONLY used to stop unraveling)since twist and rip doesn't want to work on my hair on the last 2 inches. The hook is used gently and NEVER on the shaft of the dread or roots.

I also tell everyone I over hear talking about wanting dreads to this site and I am thankful I found it back in 2009 when I attempted to start some with wax removed it and started over. Now these will be left to the neglect method and only small maintenance BS and ACV washes! I am soooo Happy to be back I missed having dreads! I missed you guys.

It will be interesting to see how these are received. I was baptized Mormon on March 17th and typically this look is not as welcome as a wholesome look but I found a dreadhead mom with a blog and she loved opening peoples minds to a dreaded Mormon so I am looking forward to it. :) Fun times and dread beads are in my future I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
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welcome bacj its abiuttime but dont tnr or crochet the ends if they unravel let them unravel they will be fine its all part of the pricess

and as far as mormons f=go when the rainbow gathering was u[in utah the governor came on horseback and toured the site

the next day the head of the mormon church declared the rainbow natioin was the lost tribe propesized by the morn=mon church

so although the wholesome look is expected within the church they also are prerty accepting of the naked hippie with flowers in their dreadlocks too

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Ashley Kent
12 years ago
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Nothing to do with the post (but congratulations :D) but on first glance I read the title as 'I am officially black!' XD

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