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Do you consider yourself a hippie?

8 years ago
6 posts

I saw an old school-mate of mine this past week.

Instead of looking at my eyes and responding to my emphatic "HOW ARE YOU" question she looked me up and down and said with a tone of surprise "YOU"RE SO... OATMEAL!"


Granola? Is that what you meant? Thank you.

By that you mean that you see I am wearing clothes from thrift stores or hand-me downs or home-mades because I don't like sweat-shops.

By that you mean that you see my dreads in their fuzzy wild glory and know there's no speck of hairspray in there and I am not afraid to be on the outside what my spirit is on the inside.

So I was called Oatmeal. She meant Granola. I've been called Hippie. I've been called Poo-head. I've been called Tree-hugger.

If I were to introduce myself it wouldn't have anything to do with my outward appearance though; just my inner appearance which happens to be reflected on my outter.

Leave em' guessing. There are so many labels out there, which mostly just serve the purpose of putting people in a box.

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Spider Feet
8 years ago
458 posts
It's a label that works well enough so I use it when I feel like it. More often I just call myself a caveman though.
Dylan W
8 years ago
7 posts
hell no i'm not a hippie!!! hippies try to hard everyone knows that
8 years ago
56 posts
I don't care what you call me, just don't call me late for dinner:) If you see something you like, you should wear it. I dont know if youre a hippy, I might be but who knows? I try to avoid labels like others have said. Labels and fitting in can keep a person from trying new things or meeting new kinds of people.I see your last name is atreides, well mine is harkonnen :)
8 years ago
38 posts
i think I just need to wear one article of clothing/accessory at a time to avoid it looking like a "getup"harkonnen, that is what my ex husband should change his last name too lmao
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