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Do you consider yourself a hippie?

7 years ago
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I feel like a "poser" or something every time I say "I'm a hippie". Older generations think I'm just trying to mimic Woodstock, Younger people think I'm trying to be cooler than I am. I feel a great respect for my fellow humans and the earth, and want to devote my life to serving others, and living a non-violent lifestyle in the same way Gandhi, Jesus, Muhammad, MLK and others taught. I tend to dress like a hippie, long skirts natural fibers (or whatever I find at the local thrift store), etc. But mostly that's because I like to be naked, and long skirts and dresses are freer than pants when I have to leave my apartment.

My friends who stay at the local homeless shelter sometimes call me "flower girl" because I pick the dandelions and black-eyed susans that grow nearby. I like that term a lot, and feel it is more fitting.

Typically though, I think of myself as a human being.

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7 years ago
275 posts
Only a hippie would say something like that lol! No seriously I like what you said.

Maxe said:

I don't consider myself a 'hippie'.

I would say I share a good amount of viewpoints with the 60s-70s hippieculture, but I also see the downfalls of that culture - LSD twice a year may be good, LSD each weekend isn't. Free love is good, free sex isn't etc...

I think many people are turning 'hippie' into a label themselves, for example by seriously overdoing the batik (english term?) clothing and copying past 'hippies' instead of finding their own path to the environmental/loving/sustainable/whatever goal they might have.

Then again there are different ways to be 'hippie' and imo only people like Gandhi have succeded in balancing it out. Western 'hippies' sure had it's well meaning "prophets" and we can't deny that in many ways they did change the world, but for the individual it was mainly just a hugely egoistic endeavour disguised as something else.

7 years ago
26 posts

i don't consider myself a hippie, but everyone else does lol... idk, i feel like the only reason the call me a hippie is because ill tie dye anything i can get my hands on, i paint and draw on my jeans, and because my grandparents and parents smoke bud with me.... is there evena true defintion of hippie anymore? or is it just what the mainstream sees as people acting in contingence with the counterculture of the 60's and such?

personally, if i everclassified myself as anything i'd say that i'm an eclectic. all the things i've experienced in life are what draws up my make and model. can't really narrow it down any further than that because the way i am and the things i stand for can change with each trial i'm put through and with every new thing i learn.

Rachel Guthrie
7 years ago
36 posts
I know what you mean, I really want one of those 'hippie' long skirts, and I know people would be like 'oh she got dreads and now shes dressing like a hippie, blahblahblah'. But oh well! I'm getting one anyway ahah, they're probably just jealous they can't express themselves freely ;D
7 years ago
235 posts
I dunno it always seemedto me that hippies had positive vibes and ideals, but also unrealistic ones as well. That and it seemed like many of them were very self-indulgent in the whole drug/sex/rock scene, which is no path to enlightenment if you ask me. There is kinda a negative stigma attached to the term "hippie", so i think a more positive one that comes to my mind is "Earthchild".
7 years ago
38 posts
definitely not into drugs and the only booze I get is from my kombucha tea LOL but I sure am all about free love :P
ashley ✿
7 years ago
167 posts
hmmm, this is a very interesting topic for me because that is what i've always been labeled..even before i had dreads i used to wear long skirts and what not, have loooong free hair and i would be very peaceful..i honestly thing that society has commercialized that term really, made it into something different than what we really are, those who have been dubbed as hippies..i do not really consider myself a hippie, even though i agree with and try to live by allot of the ways that 'hippies' lived by and what not..i tell people i am not a hippie, i am not a prep, i am not a this or that, i am me, its just that simple..if someone calls me a hippie i will just smile at them and walk on..except this one time, someone said to me 'hippies dont die, we multiply' which i actually found really cool to be honest hahaha..i just think people are treating it as a label and i agree with a few people posting on here, 'earth child' is much better term for how i feel, oor 'flower girl' haha, that would describe me well since a sweedish dreadie named me Linea which means yeahh i hope this made sense..haha..also! i get very deep and spiritual like allot of the time, and everyone sits there and makes comments about me getting hippie haha, i think that's also funny(:
7 years ago
62 posts
I consider myself new age hippie, I try and follow some asian philosophy's, particularly the ones based of the Rig Vedas. I try to practice mindfulness and non-hurting (ahisma) and not talking about things that have no meaning and importance. I will not take any sort of pill, and I only smoke weed.
Crystal O.
7 years ago
137 posts
I think that most of the people I interract with consider me a hippie, I think I am me, a girl with lots of thoughts that just don't ever stop coming to me. I respect the universe and am grateful for what we are blessed with. I try to enjoy all that I can, do not set standards and just live. I wear what I like, what is comfortable and attracts me, I think everyone should feel free to do the same.
Lu A
7 years ago
66 posts

Wear what you want! I have some friends that when you see them you think hippie because of the way they dress and live their lives, even though they're not really hippies, in the traditional sense (hehe traditional and hippie is funny together). They've got that mindset but that hardcore kind of lifestyle is not for them. ANYWAY, I am the opposite of that lifestyle and mindset, but I didn't think any less of them when I met them and have since become good friends with them. The type of people that will make assumptions about you based on how you dress are not going to support your lifestyle anyway so who cares?

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