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Possible hair cut / free products

10 years ago
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So it's been almost nine months and my hair is still as straight as can be. I think the time has come to cut my hair. I can't stand having straight hair, it's driving me crazy. If anyone can talk me out of it, please go ahead. I know I will regret it but I can't stand my hair the way it is. So if I cut it after this weekend I have some lockin up liquid shampoo, some I've opened and used and I believe I even have some I haven't even opened yet. I also have the unscented gel. I don't know what else to do, I don't do anythg to my hair, I wash every few days, I used Vicky's salt spray, I've followed everything on here and I just don't see anything happening. So again, I'm giving myself the weekend and if I cut it I'll be more than happy to send someone what I have. Here's a picture of my hair nine months in....
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10 years ago
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I cant really tell from that picture but I think you need to keep growing your hair. I'd give it at least 6 months! When summer sets in and it gets hot and you still want to cut you still can but its winter. Its the best time to give it time. If you really want dreads then you will regret cutting it. Use a big tam or a thick headband to keep it out of sight and out of mind until your dreads have time to form. Its not that youre hair wont dread its that it hasnt yet. Im sure youve heard all about learning patience and dreads. :) My advice is take a deep breath and walk away from your reflection, like boiling water, just walk away.

10 years ago
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Yeah I've heard it and am very patient but I'm talking zero, so anyway does this mean you're making me a tam? My hat that I love is more acrylic and prob part of the problem. Do you make them with a brim? Let me know, would love to purchase one
10 years ago
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I don't think your hair is long enough to dread yet. So don't cut it (well, you can if you want to). Ya just have to wait longer, like Amanda said, if you really want dreads, don't cut it. Listen to your heart, if you really want dreads you will know.


10 years ago
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Okay man, i was just like you, hated my curly hair, and it barely dreaded until like 8 months, then all of sudden boom i had locks. But you know what, perfection isn't what makes something so great, it's the perfect uniqueness.

Just be patient.

You may not have dreads tomorrow, or the day after, but when you do, their gonna be fucking awesome!

I suggest you wait.

Jah Bless.

Shane Northern
10 years ago
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Dude I say wait it out. My hair's about the same length as yours. Im at 7 months and have no knots in the back of my head at all. The only reason the front is, is because I twist and ripped it. All the back fell completely out, no sections or anything. It's just now starting to section slowly. As soon as I thought about re twist and ripping the back. That's basically cutting cause I would've started it all over. We can get through it together, lol. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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yea i agree looks too short still but shouldnt be too much longer u could tnr at this length

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10 years ago
27 posts
Wow really? I know this is a rough question to answer cause everyone's hair is different but it seems like six inches was long enough and I'm pretty sure I'm longer than that
Hannah Moore
10 years ago
68 posts

I can understand why you're getting frustrated... I started dreading about 6 or 7 months ago when my hair was only like 4 or 5 inches and didn't have much progress in about3 months then I decided to brush out what knots were starting because I was looking for a job... now I've found a job I've started dreading and now my hairs about... 8 or 9 inches at a guess and its dreading quite quick and only started like just over 2 weeks ago and I have the straightest finest hair you can imagine...

So I would say to just carry on doing what you're doing. If you're not already then make yourself a wool cover for your pillow (mines made of acrylic so works just as well)... that's all I've been doing...

Good luck =]

10 years ago
42 posts
If you truly want dreads be patient. Use the locking shampoo and wash it twice a week. Your scalp produces oil that naturally conditions your hair, mine produces quite a lot. That oil is working against your dreads, just like normal conditioners would. The people that dread the fastest are the ones with naturally dry frizzy thick bushy hair. One of my coworkers actually complains that if she doesn't brush her every day by the 2nd day her starts to knot up that are pain for her to brush out. Her hair is naturally really dry frizzy big thick & bushy. So dry out your hair completely after each wash with towel AND a blow dryer. Low heat setting you don't want to burn it.Also in the summer I surf quite a bit and the ocean salt just drys & frizzes up my hair like nothing else. I love the way it looks though I loose a lot of length, but shrinkage equals progress. It's winter now so I'll substitute the ocean with home made sea salt water rises. It's nowhere near as good as ocean water, probably because ocean water has more then just sodium & chloride. It also has something to do that I'm not just rinsing it, but spending a couple of hours in it early each morning for dawn patrol. When I read about people burning thier scalp it is obvious they are using way too much salt in thier mixture. Ocean water is only 3.5% salinity. Just wash it like normal and before you get out of the shower just rise it with a small sport bottle size of sea salt water avoid getting it on your scalp by bending over when you soak your hair with it. Don't rinse it out with fresh water, just dry your hair as normal with a towel followed up by a hair dryer on low heat. Good luck and keep us posted.
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