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any one out there who started their dreads with the back combing method..

Jack Roth
14 years ago
298 posts
Mine were backcombed !! :D check out my profile :D
14 years ago
21 posts
I backcombed initially and have done no maintenance since. I use the baking soda ACV rinse combo couple times a month and other than that I wash with Dr. Bronners peppermint liquid soap diluted about 1/2 soap and 1/2 water couple times a week. The pic is at about 5 weeks. My dreads have tons of loops and bumps and crazy zigzags.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
14 years ago
29,636 posts
o love em honnetbeee..but umm u know your suposed to dilute bronners 12 times more then your diluting it .. shouldnt be 1 part water 1 part soap its 12 times more water then soap is the proper dilution for dread shampoo

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
14 years ago
844 posts
you can really see how mine progressed, mine looke terribad at 4months,I started in Jan of 09,I had soooo many bumps and kinks all over mine at that time frame to
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