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Still having dandruff problems! :c

5 years ago
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Hey everyone,

well,you see,i did have a bad dandruff problem when i first started dreading because i was using dreadHQ shampoo,well i stopped using that & now im using a baking soda/tea tree oil/ + vinegar/water rinse.

The dandruff is notprevalentor nearly asnoticeableas it used to be,but i do notice that i still have quite a bit under my dreads.

What should i do?

Also,ive never had any dandruff problems before i started dreading.

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Cole Morton
5 years ago
109 posts

How long have you been dreading? How long have you been using BS/ACV? What ratios are you using? I ask so many questions, because they can all be factors in why you are still seeing dandruff.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Yep, and how long are you keeping the baking soda wash on your scalp for?

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Here is a link to look up essential oils to help you along the way....Peace

5 years ago
324 posts

IF you are still havig dandruff problems with the BS/ACV you could either be using to much BS, wrong water temp when washing and rinsing or you may have hard water! Try washing with warm water but on the cooler side and a cold to freezing cold rinse as your final rinse. IF you have hard water the BS won't work so you'll need to get a water filter for your shower which is about $20 at Lowe's if you're in the US. Other than that get something from

5 years ago
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i loved how bs/acv made my hair super clean but it wrecked my scalp. No matter what ratio i tried it just didn't work for me. the dreadlock shampoo bars are the only thing that has gotten rid of 99% of my dandruff.

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