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dreadlocks shampoo
Cole Morton


Location: Winston Salem, NC
Zipcode: 27101
Country: US

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5 1/2 months old!!!!!

5 1/2 months old!!!!!

10 years ago - Comments: 9

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4 months
4 months
3.75 month (1/23/2013)
3.75 months (1/23/2013)
3.75 months (1/23/2013)
Dreads3.5 months (1/23/2013)
Dreads 3.5 months old (1/19/2012)
Dreads 3.5 months old (1/19/2012)
Dreads 2 months old (11/11/2012)
Dreads 2 weeks old
What an incredible 3 months its been with my babies!


Princess Kay
08/30/13 02:03:24AM @princess-kay:

hey! when are you updating????? xx

Princess Kay
03/25/13 04:31:28AM @princess-kay:

wow.... they look amazing!!!!!!! congratulations!!

Princess Kay
03/25/13 04:30:21AM @princess-kay:

HI! Yes i think we started at the same time! let me make some photo later today and show you, same yyou! cheers!

03/19/13 07:05:34PM @jazzymomma:

aww yea post ur videos :D y not , urs are lookiing so prettys as well hun :) yay!!! for locked ladies :D thanks for comments hun peace an love

01/24/13 09:08:37PM @jazzymomma:

yea no problem hun :) thats ok ill c them no matter wat an

d ill usually kno wat ur tlking about lo

Drag and drop me

l :) peace

01/24/13 08:37:07PM @jazzymomma:

o an welcome to dreadlocks site lol best place to be:)

01/24/13 08:36:33PM @jazzymomma:

aww cute pics hun i mean pics arent cute lol its u ha ha ha like ur dread babies comparable too mine not too skinny an yet not too chubby lol just right in my eyes:) have happy journey hun peaec an love be with u:)

Baba Fats
01/19/13 12:20:27AM @baba-fats:


ღHippie Loveღ
01/18/13 03:10:30PM @hippie-love:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.

Always, Hippie Love

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